List of States Rejecting Abstinence-Only Funding Grows

March 12, 2008

Iowa recently became the 17th state to opt out of federal funding for abstinence-only education. In making this decision, Iowa joins a host of other states — including Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming — who have rejected millions of dollars of federal funds in favor of teaching comprehensive sex education in schools.

Abstinence-only programs have never been proven effective in delaying the onset of sexual activities of young people and, in fact, often result in riskier sexual behavior by teenagers. AAUW believes that only with complete and accurate reproductive health information can young people make informed and appropriate decisions. These programs should be age appropriate and include, but not be limited to, abstinence education.

If your state is one that has rejected this funding, how has it had an impact in your state’s schools? Do you support your state’s decision? If the schools in your state teach abstinence-only education, is there a movement to get your legislators to change their position?

To take action now, urge your representative to get REAL about sex education by cosponsoring the Responsible Education About Life Act (H.R. 1653). This bill would authorize federal funds for states to offer comprehensive and medically accurate sex education in their schools. You can also read AAUW’s position paper on abstinence-only education.

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  1. Parthenia says:

    OMG. I know it is a good thing to wait or save yourself for marriage but not teaching the children even if they ask? Utah? Really? Now if parents All parents would teach their children I can see this but as most know they don’t know. My parents didn’t teach me as a child. Not sure why. They are Jehovah’s Witnesses so sex before is a no no. I couldn’t even take the class to learn. Back then your parents had to sign a consent form. So it was at the least 5 yrs before I knew I was having sex. I felt uncomfortable naked but I didn’t know what I was doing nor what I was seeing. I was very naive bordering stupid. My parents didn’t teach me anything besides no sex before marriage. In a perfect world ok but we all know what it is now a days. Go ahead & not teach children. That is a perverts/anyone dream. Not teaching our children leaves them to learn it from their friends or the streets. Some parents can not, will not, fear etc teaching sex for what reason not too sure but I know I’m going to teach mine. You can teach everything but if a child wants to do something they will. All we adults can do is teach them the safe way to do it. That being said go ahead & not teach them safe sex etc. They say the children are our future. Our future will more than likely end up with diseases, babies and who knows what else.

    Please teach safe sex etc in schools for our Future!

    From an adult that learned sex from the streets instead of my parents or school!

  2. Karla says:

    I’m doing an argumentative paper on abstinence-only curriculums throughout the united states and even though Obama abolished the abstinence-only budget, many states are still following it by choice. I think its absurd to teach abstinence-only, especially in high school, because majority of teens have had sex before they reached the sex education class. Even though there is always the option of stopping sexual relations, I think its unlikely, and not incorporating contraceptive lessons is ignoring those children who are already sexually active and in turn.. not screwing them over but not reaching out to them after they already made their choice about being ready.

  3. At the heart of abstinence-only sex education is a bunch of pathetic losers who are not getting any, so instead of fixing themselves so they can get some, they tell other people how wonderful it is to be a virgin so that they can make themselves feel better.

    But at the end of the day, they are still miserable.

  4. Carolyn H says:

    It’s logical that if you believe teens accept the instruction not to have sex, there is no need to teach them anything about stds. If they eventually have sex during marriage, they can assume their partner was a virgin and will never stray from marriage vows, so they would never need to learn the health information that was denied them in school. They will also never be able to give accurate information to their own children. The results of these misguided policies will be with us for years.

  5. Flora Gray says:

    A just released study from the Centers for Disease Control has found that 1 out of every 4 teenage girls in the U.S. has a sexually transmitted disease. An article about the research in today’s Washington Post goes on to say, “Some doctors said the numbers might be a reflection of both abstinence-only sex education and teens’ own sense of invulnerabilty.” Go to to read the article or visit for information about STDs and prevention.

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