Equity in the News 3-25-08

March 25, 2008

Women in Virginia earn 67 cents for every $1 men earn, about a dime less than the national average.

Professionals in Maryville (MO) were converged upon by 54 eighth-grade girls during the 16th annual Job Shadow Day sponsored by the Maryville branch of the American Association of University Women.

Weren’t we supposed to be beyond this by now? After years of progress, women’s gains at work have come to a baffling halt.

In the new dynamics of home economics, it’s not just that men want women to contribute financially to a marriage: The vast majority of men say they wouldn’t even mind if their wives brought home the bigger paycheck.

Japanese police report the number of domestic violence cases jumped 15 percent last year as more women broke their silence about assaults in the home.

A 19-year-old medic from Texas will become the first woman in Afghanistan and only the second woman since World War II to receive the Silver Star, the nation’s third-highest medal for valor.

The University of Colorado hires Title IX adviser as part of the settlement in a case brought by two women who charged they were raped by CU football players and recruits in 2001.

Elizabeth Wurtzel sounds a gloomy and despairing note about the state of contemporary feminism.

Recent political news has forced the issue of where our society stand on gender matters.

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