I Have a Dream

April 04, 2008

What powerful images the words “I have a dream” bring to mind as the nation honors the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the 40th anniversary of his assassination. I found my emotions immediately surfacing as I listened to his speech. How far we have come since then, how far we still need to go. Read 40 Years Later: The Unrealized American Dream, a new report on the inequalities that African Americans still face, for a compelling perspective on the work that remains to be done.

Each of us has our own dreams, our own sense of injustices that need to be overcome. I unfortunately had the opportunity of listening to someone on the Metro the other day making it very clear they would never vote for a “broad,” let alone one of “them.” I turned my head and saw only a sea of professional commuters and a handful of tourists, all suddenly hushed. The good news: A chorus of voices immediately rose, talking of how terrible bigotry is and of the responsibility of freedom.

Women have also achieved success in overcoming equity obstacles; AAUW’s own history reflects this. Our paths crossed with another King in 1969, when the AAUW Educational Foundation launched the Coretta Scott King Fund, providing opportunities for black women to study African American history and culture, social change, and peace.

Our dream of equality has yet to be fully realized either. Civil Rights, Economic Security, Education – all issues AAUW focuses their advocacy efforts around. The great thing about dreams is their potential to motivate. Our community has a great dream and a collective voice. Have you raised yours lately?

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  1. Shaquanda Zebroto says:

    AMEN Ohhh yes

  2. Shermaine T. Jones says:

    Thanks, for honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I have dream. His dream lives on forever through me.

    How far we come? There still much to be done.

  3. Christy says:

    Suzanne, you’re not alone, lack of time is huge these days. If you haven’t already, take a look at AAUW’s “Two Minute Activist” (http://capwiz.com/aauw/home/). You can send a communique to your congress person on important issues in just a matter of minutes. You’re right, there is still so much to be done.

  4. Camille says:

    Feeling the power of words … hearing Dr. King again …. That oratory can move a people and a nation …

    I am hopeful.

  5. The best solution of a dream is that ,when you are down in life , look up and when you are up look down.

    Whether we complaint or in laughter life will go by anyway . live the dream each day

  6. Suzanne D. says:

    I was there. It was powerful. You ask if I’ve raised my voice lately and I’m sorry to say I haven’t. A PhD, kids, jobs, a divorce and simply time has gotten in the way of what I used to be about. This reminds me of what still needs to be done.

  7. Lorilla says:

    Thank you for this. We can never be reminded enough of the valuable contributions this man made to us all.

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