Meet Shibani Rao, Legal Counsel

September 19, 2008
Shibani Rao

Shibani Rao

I got an e-mail from Shibani Rao my first week at AAUW. Shibani was looking for ways to connect with former fellows, and I was happy to announce that so was I! A 2003–04 International Fellow, Shibani sees education as “an essential tool that enables the broadening of one’s thinking capability and capacity.” After graduating from Pepperdine University School of Law with a specialized focus in negotiation and dispute resolution, Shibani took a position with JP Morgan’s investment banking division in India. She hopes to encourage young women just starting their careers “to empower themselves and be less dependent and more self-sufficient.”

AAUW helped nourish Shibani’s hunger for knowledge by selecting her as one of 58 women from a pool of 1,237 to receive international fellowships in 2003. “The fellowship was the sole reason I enrolled in a graduate degree program in law,” explains Shibani. Through her graduate experience, Shibani not only expanded her knowledge of law but also benefited from “the opportunity to go beyond my geographic borders and interact with the rest of the world. Interacting with a diverse array of people helped me hone my communication as well as social skills and think ‘out of the box.’ In fact, I’d say that the ‘box’ has pretty much disappeared over time!”

At JP Morgan Shibani is playing an integral role in many of the momentous transactions that are happening in India, which she describes as “the best place to be today for a professional with a career in finance.” Since starting at JPMorgan, Shibani has been able to see the markets “progress and innovate.” This cutting-edge environment offers her many opportunities to sharpen her skills.

In addition to helping her prestigious career, the move to India has been a homecoming for Shibani. “India is home and will always be. Life struck a perfect balance when I landed a job in India with a U.S. institution that has a global presence. I couldn’t have asked for a situation more picture perfect than the one I am currently in.”

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