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December 06, 2010

From left: AAUW Public Policy Fellows Katy Barnett, Emily Krueger, and Emily Pfefer

A lot of exciting things occur at AAUW’s national office. What makes coming to work most enjoyable, however, is the friendly and easy camaraderie with which all the staff interact in their daily efforts to help make this nation a more equitable place for women and girls. But besides the staff, another group of people are also working hard to ensure AAUW’s success: the fellows.

As public policy and government relations fellows for the past semester, we’ve all felt like integral parts of the office. We are continually encouraged to take an active role within our department, among the entire staff, and online on the blog. AAUW is a place where we are rewarded for our work both tangibly and intangibly. AAUW’s fellowship programs allow both undergraduate and master’s students from across the nation to get an inside view of the world of advocacy and nonprofit operations.

Public policy fellows get the incredible opportunity to participate in AAUW’s Lobby Corps. This is not only an opportunity to learn our way around Capitol Hill and try our hand at direct lobbying, it’s also a way to interact personally with AAUW members, making the work we do back at the office all the more rewarding. We also attend meetings around D.C. on behalf of the department and write the content for Washington Update, helping us stay abreast of the current issues and developments facing women.

As this semester draws to a close, Katy will be graduating and returning to her home state of Colorado. Emily K. and Emily P. will be returning in January for another semester with AAUW, sure to be filled with many more worthwhile experiences.

This post was written by Public Policy Fellows Katy Barnett, Emily Krueger, and Emily Pfefer.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Good lucky Katy — we’ll miss you!

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