Making Every Day International Women’s Day

International Fellow Diedie Weng films local Yongji women.

International Fellow Diedie Weng films local Yongji women.

March 07, 2012

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, which is observed on March 8 each year to honor and celebrate the economic, political, and social achievements of women. But at AAUW, every day is International Women’s Day!

AAUW states and branches hold weekly events in their local communities that focus on the empowerment of women and girls, including conferences, theatrical performances, lectures, awards ceremonies, book discussions, films, camps, career days, and political rallies. March 8 may focus worldwide attention on women, but AAUW does it every day as a part of our mission to break through barriers for women and girls.

For International Women’s Day 2012, we would like to salute our 239 current AAUW fellows and grantees who are making a difference in the United States and around the globe. And we’d like to spotlight our 2011–12 International Project Grantees former International Fellows who are working on innovative projects in their home countries. So take a few minutes to read about the important advocacy these women are doing on behalf of women and girls worldwide.

Rukeme Ake, Nigeria
Girl Skill Acquisition and Personal Development Project

Ake is implementing a capacity-building project for women who aren’t in school to provide vocational and life-skills training, which will enable them to become economically productive, improve their ability to protect themselves against abuse, and contribute to the advancement of society.

Nasreen Mazumdar, India
Natural Polymer-Based Iodine Supplementation to Combat Iodine Deficiency Disorders

Iodine deficiency disorders are a major public health concern in India. This project focuses on expecting and lactating mothers who are prone to developing iodine deficiency. The goal is to produce an iodine supplement that will prevent iodine deficiency in pregnant women.

Diedie Weng, China
Yongji Organic Farmer Video Network Training Program

Yongji is traditionally one of the most important agricultural production bases in northern China. The Yongji Organic Agriculture Co-op, founded in 1998 and currently led by local women, is currently expanding because of the market demands for organic products. There is a strong local need for organic farming knowledge and skills. This project trains women to use participatory video to engage local farmers in documenting and discussing local techniques and challenges. The project is creating the first rural-based participatory video network in China that empowers women’s leadership in the organic agriculture movement.

Patience Ogele, Côte d’Ivoire
Graceland Fish Farms Project

Women and girls are expanding their fish-farming and fish-preservation activities to generate income for household needs. The project offers rearing and production techniques for tilapia and catfish, education workshops on improving fish-farming methods, and farm-management, preservation, marketing, and bookkeeping skills.

Anjali Srinivasan, India
Reclaiming Heritage — Traditional Artisan Glassmaking

Taking advantage of the growing interest in glass objects among interior designers and local markets, this project trains women in glassmaking: blowing (for vessels), flame working (for beads), kiln forming (for tiles), mold making (for sculpture), cold working (for finishing jobs), and management (as technicians and administrators).

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We’ve accomplished a lot, but there’s so much more to be done. Follow AAUW’s example and make every day International Women’s Day.


  1. Miro says:

    Happy International Women’s day, especially to all brave women who fought for a world where women and men have equal opportunities, rights and status in the society.

  2. ngumbi28 says:

    Congratulations to amazing women, doing amazing work.

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