Wednesday’s DNC Speeches: Pay Equity, Birth Control, and the Budget

September 06, 2012

AAUW Director of Public Policy and Government Relations Lisa Maatz will report from the Democratic National Convention this week and reported from the Republican National Convention last week. Follow her updates at AAUW Dialog, on Facebook, and @LisaMaatz on Twitter.

I’m in my second week representing AAUW at the political conventions, and the list of big speeches I’ve seen continues to grow. On Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention, I heard Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski make a push for pay equity, AAUW friend Sandra Fluke talk about birth control access, and Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and former President Bill Clinton give lessons on the budget. Read a selection of my live reactions from Twitter below, or check out the full story. Also, catch up on Tuesday’s tweets, and check back on Friday for my final post. Let me know what you think!

September 5, 2012, 7:36 p.m.

All the Dem women senators on stage at #DNCV012 behind the fab @SenatorBarb, Dean of the Women! #AAUW

Paycheck Fairness Act champ @Senatorbarb talks abt imp of moving Byond Ledbetter bill to pass comprehensive reform. #AAUW leading the fight!

We care for the 100% & together we can secure the blessings of liberty — Sister Simone Campbell gives a rousing speech to #DNC2012. #AAUW

“Too many women are shut out and silenced … I’m here b/c I spoke out!” says @SandraFluke to #DNC2012 #AAUW

“An America in which access to birth control is controlled by people who never need it.” is how @SandraFluke sees Romney win #DNC2012 #AAUW

“Ppl feel like system is rigged against them. Here’s the hard part: they’re right.” Elizabeth Warren, giving populist speech #DNC2012. #AAUW

“I cant believe I hav 2say this in 2012. He (Obama) believes in a country that pays #equalpay 4 equal work.” — Elizabeth Warren #DNC2012 #AAUW

“After last night, I wanna nominate a man smart enough to marry @MichelleObama!” — Bill Clinton #DNC2012 #hellyeah #AAUW

“Poverty, discrimination & ignorance hurts economic growth. When u stifle personal opp u hurt us all.” — Bill Clinton #DNC2012 #AAUW

Does Bill Clinton help Obama where he needs it most: white women, senior women? Not sure. Lotsa them hold Monicagate grudges. #DNC2012 #AAUW

. @SandraFluke #DNC2012 speech. #AAUW so proud to have helped her get her msg out when Congress silenced her!

Ppl always ask how we got the budget balanced 4 yrs running. The answer is easy. Arithmetic! — Bill Clinton #DNC2012 #AAUW

We cnt afford 2giv reins of govt 2 some1 who will double dn on trickle dn … doesnt pass smell test … OR values test. -Bill Clinton #DNC2012

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