AAUW Introduces New Logo, Tagline, and Website

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February 20, 2013

Today, AAUW is proud to debut some big changes. As you’ve probably noticed, you’re looking at a brand new website, accented by our first new logo in more than 20 years. These changes, which also include an updated tagline and a fresh color palette, are designed to place AAUW on the cutting edge of digital communications and appeal to a broad audience.

The website redesign allows for complete mobile access and features expanded and improved social media integration for all our online content. This integration should make the site more user friendly, provide a better experience for smartphone and tablet users, and create greater visibility for AAUW. It’s easier than ever to use the new website and share AAUW content across platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also notice that our blog now has a home on aauw.org, enabling us to share the personal stories behind AAUW right alongside our impressive programs and history.

As plans for the new website unfolded, the AAUW Board of Directors decided to move forward with a new logo to accompany the updated site. Our most recent logo was introduced in 1990, and it was starting to show its age, especially in an increasingly digital world. A logo working group, composed of board members and staff, took on the task of creating the new logo. They wanted a modern, more readable typeface for the logo and a tagline that would instantly convey who we are and what we do. The new logo emphasizes the “W” as the central element of our name and work and has a more global look.

To develop the tagline, the working group tried another new trend, crowdsourcing. They posted a description of AAUW and our communications goals on Crowdspring and invited freelance writers from around the world to submit ideas. The process netted more than 2,000 entries and showed remarkable consensus around the themes of empowerment and AAUW’s extensive history. The working group quickly settled on “Empowering women since 1881” as the new tagline, and the board approved it unanimously in October.

We’re excited to roll out these changes to support our reinvigorated branch activities and our digital communications efforts. The new national logo and other branch and state resources are available on our new AAUW Branding Tool Kit page. Beginning in March, branches and states will be able to download their own customized logos; branch and state websites that use Site Resources will automatically be updated. If you have any questions about the new logo, tagline, or colors, please contact us at editor@aauw.org or 800.326.2289. For questions about the new website, please check out our FAQ, e-mail us at connect@aauw.org, or call 800.326.2289.

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  1. Patricia Crouch says:

    LOVE the new logo. The old one wasn’t attractive and was confusing.

  2. Isabel Lau says:

    The font size is so tiny on these pages. I know how to magnify it on my end but not sure how many other visitors know…any chance the font size can be changed?

    The new logo is growing on me. I like the distinctive W but still have trouble with the colors.

  3. Tobi Balma says:

    Agree 100% with Marilyn……U-G-L-Y!!!! What were you thinking?!?!? Wish you could have had (more) member input…like voting on the finalists……this Logo is a setback…AAU “Who/What”? I hope “American Association of University Women” is added to this logo. The slogan is fine. The green is also U-G-L-Y.

  4. Marilyn Forsstrom says:

    I’m not impressed with the new logo. I put it up on all our website pages for March and members are beginning to respond negatively also. “Looks like the old Volkswagen logo”, “Is this some kind of environmental group with green and a big blue world?” Separating the “W” from “AAU” makes it seem as if this has something to do with the actual “AAU” which is the Amateur Athletic Union. This doesn’t seem well thought out.

    I still think people need to see right out front what those letters stand for and not have to wait for an explanation. This takes us further from who we are.

  5. Peggy Woods-Clark says:

    Barbara, we are working to implement a member number lookup feature. Please continue to check back as we make this and other improvements to the new site.

  6. Barbara Brogan says:

    I like the new organization of the website. Much less cluttered. However, I can no longer find how to search for my member number which is needed to login. I eventually found it by asking for a new password. A lot of us had our computers remembering the login and password and that is now gone with the debut of the new website. Could you put the lookup of member number near the login? It would make it much easier for us to stay connected.

  7. Peggy Woods-Clark says:

    Sally, you must be logged into the website as a member and visit http://www.aauw.org/resource/aauw-branding-tool-kit/ to download logos and the reference guide.

  8. Sally Hollemon says:

    Where on the webpage do I find the new logo to use on our newsletter?

  9. Eunis Christensen says:

    Bravo for the new logo. It went on our AAUW San DIego Branch newsletter today. AAUWSD is titling the new logo “Open at The Top for All Women.”
    Eunis Christensen
    Finance VP, Newsletter Editor
    AAUW San DIego Branch

  10. Kathryn Koehler says:

    Love the slogan…hate the logo. At least partly because it means I have to remake all kinds of web pages, publication templates, etc. for the state…

  11. Janet Watkins says:

    I love the new logo and website! It’s fresh and open and visually attractive. It reflects the forward motion of AAUW in a powerful way. The new tagline “We Empower Women” is strong. The words are active focusing on what we are doing right here, right now, in the present. We are not just “working” on empowering women, but we declare that we are actively doing it and here’s proof displayed beautifully on the new website. Congratulations to a successful unveiling and to all the superb creative work of AAUW technology and web managers. What a shining example of the stellar work and continuing efforts to showcase our impact and to be a go-to resource supporting the success of women and girls. Bravo!

    Janet Watkins – President
    AAUW of Michigan

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