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October 03, 2013

If you’ve tuned into tech news lately, you know there has been much discussion concerning the role of women in the app-maker world. It is widely believed that women are shut out of the growing business of programs for smartphones, taking a backseat to the dubbed “brogrammers” who have a strong hold on the mobile field.

But that’s simply not true.

There are numerous women — and girls — out there who have pushed past the stereotypes and made a name for themselves by coming up with the latest game or social-networking app. Here are just seven:

Alexandra Jordan

App developers aren’t just adults. Super Fun Kid Time is an app developed by 9-year-old programmer Alexandra Jordan, and it was highlighted at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. The app’s purpose? Making it easier for parents to schedule play dates for their kids. Learn more about the app..


Amanda Wixted

pacman app

Amanda Wixted is something of a veteran in the app-development game. And games just happen to be her thing. The mobile engineer played a key role in developing a number of popular iOS games for Apple iPhone and iPad including FarmVille and Live Poker. Wixted also brought the retro games Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man to today’s mobile gamers. Check out Pac-Man online.


Michelle Abraham

10pinshuffle app

Like Amanda Wixted, independent developer Michelle Abraham is among the few women in the game-development field. But she’s made an impact. Teaming up with a friend, Abraham created 10 Pin Shuffle, a free bowling game originally created for iOS users. Abraham’s version for Android ranks as one of the most popular games among Android users. See it for yourself.


Shreta Dupree

personal caculator app

A blogger and iPhone developer, Shreta Dupree created the Personal Calculator app for iPhone. The free app allows users to run quick numbers and personalize their math machine with pictures from their photo library. You can find out more about the app online.


Prerna Gupta

Prerna Gupta is the chief marketing officer at Smule, an app-developing company based in California. In 2011, she helped develop LaDiDa, a “reverse-karaoke” app for Apple products. The app uses studio-quality effects to make anyone sound like a professional singer. Download Gupta’s app, and become a songbird.


Jocelyn Leavitt

gethopscotch app

Jocelyn Leavitt not only created an app, but she’s using her work to encourage young girls to do the same. Leavitt is the co-creator of Hopscotch, an iOS app that simplifies coding for kids. The colorful, whimsical app allows kids to be creative in building their own personal programs and games. Download it for free.


Liron Fishman Sabbah

friendthem app

Liron Fishman Sabbah is the chief technology officer of Friendthem, an app that connects users to nearby Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Using her background as a mobile programmer, Sabbah helped develop the app that is now available for both Android and iOS users. Find it free online.


These are just some of the talented women in the app world. Despite the stigma surrounding women in technology and programming, women are making their mark, one app at a time. Check out their work today!

This post was written by AAUW STEM Programs and Social Media Intern Ariana Witt.

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  1. Marie Lindberg says:

    Also don’t forget about the Circle of 6 app which was developed by mobile and women’s health expert Deb Levine of Internet Sexuality Information Services and filmmaker and violence prevention specialist Nancy Schwartzman of the Where is Your Line? project.

    The app makes it easy for friends to contact and help each other out of potentially unsafe situations before they escalate into violence. It’s great to have women developers that think about women’s issues, like VAW, and address them through such innovation.

    Holly Kearl wrote about Circle of 6 last year so you can read about it and how to support the project here:

  2. Great list and while I love a game app as much as the next person, I recently learned about a community app for good to help support domestic violence centers. The app being developed by woman-owned Caravan Studios is indicative of the greater good that can be achieved through technology. Read more about app itself on Beth’s Blog at

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