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October 26, 2016


UPDATE, NOVEMBER 14, 2016: We received 60 entries! Thank you to all who participated. The AAUW Student Advisory Council has spoken. Congrats to our winners!


Finalists Individual

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Finalists Group

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We get that Halloween is meant to be scary. And who doesn’t get a thrill from huddling under a blanket with some Hitchcock and caramel corn?

But in 2016, the realities (the gender pay gap, threats to women’s reproductive health, an empty Supreme Court seat) are more terrifying than any ghost or goblin — and they last year-round. Not even on Halloween, a day that’s largely about escapism, can we fully break free from stereotypes and bias, from the pressure to dress “sexy,” from the onslaught of culturally appropriative or insensitive costumes. That’s why this year, we’re cheering on empowering costumes, especially ones that flip gender stereotypes on their monstrous heads.


Show us your feminist Halloween costumes!
Enter AAUW’s official #FeministHalloween contest.


We want to see your Ruth Bader Ginsburgs, women presidents, Title IX superheroes, Thelma and Louises, cats against catcalling, and more! We’re awarding prizes in two categories: Best Individual Costume and Best Group Costume. Show us what you’ve got!


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How It Works

Our #FeministHalloween campaign is social media based. Submissions are open now and close Friday, November 4. The winner will be announced Monday, November 7.

  • Entries are accepted over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Before you submit, be sure to follow AAUW on Twitter (@AAUW), Instagram (@aauwnational), and Facebook.
  • To enter, tag AAUW’s social media handle and share your photo submission along with two hashtags: #FeministHalloween and #AAUW. (Pro tip: On whichever social media platform you choose, make sure your account settings are open to the public so that we can see your entries. If you’re submitting via Facebook, we recommend that you post directly to AAUW’s Facebook wall.)
  • We’ll give shout-outs for all eligible submissions. Want some extra recognition? Instagram entries using both hashtags (don’t forget to use both!) will be featured below on this page.

The Prize

The winner for Best Individual #FeministHalloween Costume will receive fun feminist swag and accessories. The winners for Best Group #FeministHalloween Costume will receive a special delivery from AAUW.

The Judges

Contest winners will be chosen by AAUW’s National Student Advisory Council (SAC), an all-star team of 10 student leaders committed to gender equity.

The Rules

As succinctly put by FeministHalloween.tumblr.com (which we also recommend for further inspiration), feminist Halloween costumes do not appropriate cultures, are not racist, are not misogynistic, and refrain from slut shaming. By entering the contest, you agree that AAUW has the right to share your submitted photos and entries via our social media outlets, website, and elsewhere.



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