AAUW Reacts to Reports of Proposed Title IX Rules

August 30, 2018


WASHINGTON — American Association of University Women (AAUW) Chief Executive Officer Kim Churches issued the following statement in response to reports of proposed Title IX rulemaking by the Department of Education.

News reports indicate the U.S. Department of Education may soon propose new rules rolling back Title IX protections for victims of sexual harassment and assault in schools. The reported potential changes under consideration are deeply troubling — making it easier for schools to dismiss cases, harder to hold perpetrators of sexual harassment and assault accountable, and more difficult for survivors to come forward and get the protections they need. The Department’s current interim Title IX guidance, which rescinded Obama-era guidance last year, signaled this Administration’s troubling approach to sexual assault in our schools. But codifying rules stripping survivors of much-needed protections would further demonstrate that this Administration has no regard for safe campuses and students’ equal access to education after experiencing harassment or assault. We urge the Administration to not move forward with these proposals. However, if they do, AAUW will call on its thousands of members and supporters to make their voices heard during the rulemaking process.”

For media inquiries, contact media@aauw.org or 202.785.7756.

By:   |   August 30, 2018