Making an Impact with Computer Science Education Week

A girl sits at a computer working.

The AAUW Jefferson County (NY) Branch hosted an event for Computer Science Education Week in 2014.

January 06, 2015

AAUW members and supporters don’t just know how important it is to introduce girls and women to the fast-growing field of computer science — they’re doing it themselves. This past winter, for Computer Science Education Week, AAUW members and supporters took some great ideas and ran with them to create successful and fun computer science events for girls across the country. Hundreds of girls tried coding for the first time and learned to innovate and invent.

Here are a few of the ways we inspired girls together.

  • Sparked a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

AAUW branches across the country held coding events for students of all ages with the message that coding is fun, creative, and possible for anyone to learn.

Members and supporters from New Hampshire to Texas to all over New York  made the news and taught girls to code with exciting events from December 8 to 14, 2014.

These events aren’t just fun: They change lives. Right after completing a activity where girls used code to create an original product — a bracelet with a design representing binary code — one girl in Texas told AAUW member leader Karen North, “I woke up this morning and did not know I wanted to be an entrepreneur.”

  • Made Computer Science Education Week Official

Thanks to the efforts of AAUW members, we helped make Computer Science Education Week official with proclamations from mayors in Alexandria, Virginia; Portsmouth, Virginia; and Houston, Texas. The Falls Church City School Board even officially declared December 8–14, 2014, Computer Science Education Week, representing a continued nationwide effort to make computer science education a priority.

  • Extended Our Reach throughout the Year

Computer science learning shouldn’t end with this one week’s success, and thanks to AAUW members and supporters, it doesn’t have to. The AAUW West Harris County (TX) Branch helped ensure that the learning would continue by training teachers at their Code Camp, a program that empowers AAUW members to become computer science education consultants.

Planning to stay engaged and reach young girls and women in 2015? Make it a New Year’s resolution to try out some of these fun activities yourself, with your AAUW friends, and with the girls in your life. Who knows? You might just inspire a future CEO.

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