10 New Year’s Resolutions to Support AAUW’s New Strategic Plan

December 18, 2018


Members and advocates are the heart of AAUW. As we move forward with our new strategic focus — to help women and girls achieve economic security, better educational opportunities, and access to more leadership roles — we need your assistance to achieve our goals.

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In 2019, we will prioritize one of the most pressing issues of the day: improving the economic security of all women, no matter their location, age, ethnicity or background. These 10 resolutions for the year ahead will keep you and your branch aligned with this new direction:

1. Take our new Work Smart Online course.

This free, one-hour class is focused on teaching women to secure higher salaries or hourly wages, but it can also help you become a better overall leader and communicator — not to mention an ambassador for the course.

2. Encourage the women in your life to access Work Smart.

Set a goal to ask at least 20 women, whether they be daughters, granddaughters, colleagues or fellow college alumnae, to register for the online course. Reach out via email, social media, or at your next book club meeting.

3. Make sure everyone in your AAUW branch takes the course.

Set aside time at your next branch meeting for people to register for Work Smart Online and get familiar with it. One of the great things about the tool is that it saves your progress and lets you come back as many times as you need to before finishing up.

4. Help us learn about your community.

You know your communities better than we do here in Washington, so help us identify relevant local activities and partners that support our overarching goals. Start by taking an inventory of the resources available in your area. In January, the national office will provide tools to assist you in collecting helpful information, and we encourage you to make this a project for your spring 2019 meetings.

5. Support a fundraising drive.

Work with your branch members to drum up financial support for our economic security efforts. When you make a contribution to AAUW, specify that you’d like it to be used for that purpose.

6. Be part of a national conversation on pay equity.

Build equity into the agenda of your state convention or leadership conference. AAUW National will offer resources in the next month or so to help you do this. Plan to incorporate economic security themes into your convention programming, invite speakers with expertise in that area, and guide facilitated discussions about salary negotiation, perhaps inviting attendees to share their own stories. You can also create talking points using the new strategic plan and The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap research report. Then submit a summary of your discussions to become part of AAUW’s national archives.

7. Develop your branch and state strategic plans to complement the national plan.

Set quantifiable goals and objectives specific to your communities. Maybe you will strive to train 1,000 women in salary negotiation? Or put two more lobby days together?

8. Become a “Two-Minute Activist.”

Urge others in your community to do the same. AAUW’s online advocacy tool makes it easy to reach out to elected officials and encourage them to support policies that promote women’s economic security.

9. Organize branch members to join in your advocacy efforts.

Those who want to take fast action can use the two-minute tool, while others can participate in lobby days and other activities.

10. Create a plan for your branch to recognize Equal Pay Day on April 10, 2019.

Activities might include advocacy, rallies, letters to the editor and blogs, social media storms, and talking up Work Smart Online. AAUW’s national policy and advocacy team will support your efforts. Check your calendar for other Equal Pay Days, such as Black Women’s Equal Pay Day and Latina Equal Pay Day, and organize activities around those as well.

By tackling these to-dos for 2019, you’ll be elevating your AAUW membership — which is already so valued — to the next level of support. Year-by-year, we’ll work together to close the gender pay gap by 2030.

Can you think of a better toast to bring in the New Year?

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