Modernizing AAUW

December 20, 2018


The goal of modernizing AAUW so it can thrive in the 21st century is central to our new strategic plan. To that end, we making some operational changes to the ways we are working at our D.C. headquarters. Here are some highlights of what we’re up to:

We’re updating our technology and operations.

Like many organizations operating in a quickly evolving digital world, our technology infrastructure reflects a patchwork of systems acquired over the years. Some of these systems are great; others, though not particularly old, are already outdated. We have recently hired a new director of information technology, who is surveying our various platforms to identify ways to modernize, streamline and achieve efficiencies. In the months ahead, we’ll be consolidating some of our systems and moving toward new technologies that will allow us to better communicate with our members, partners and stakeholders, as well as potential new ones. Finally, we’re excited to announce that we’re planning a major overhaul of our website to make it more impactful, relevant and user friendly. You’ll be hearing more about that in the months ahead.

We’re realigning our staff.

Our leadership team and professional staff are crucial to AAUW’s work, and we’ve been busy making sure that we have a strong team and the right organizational structure in place to achieve our goals. Last year, we streamlined the organization to break down silos and work more efficiently and collaboratively across departments. Every position has been evaluated to make sure that we’re finding the people that match the business needs to fulfill our mission.

We’re focusing on funding.

Finally, and most importantly, we are laser-focused on making sure we have the funding to fulfill our mission, better serve our members, and expand our reach. We feel the timing couldn’t be better: Women’s issues are getting renewed attention in public discourse, and AAUW is well-positioned to be an important voice on pay equity, women’s leadership and economic security for women at every stage of their lives. Our development team is targeting new funding sources, such as the partnerships we’ve already established with the Coca-Cola Foundation and LUNA Bar (both of whom are underwriting our WorkSmart Online tool.) We are pursuing more corporate funding, and funding from foundations, philanthropists and donors. More specifically, we are looking to build up our unrestricted funds. (Currently, the bulk of our funding is earmarked for educational, fellowship and legal advocacy programs.) Having more unrestricted resources will give us the flexibility to focus efforts where the need is greatest, to pivot toward new and emerging issues, and to better achieve our overall goals.

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