Getting Real about Empowering Women and Girls

May 23, 2016


There’s a lot of lip service given to women’s empowerment lately, but some organizations are the real deal. AAUW’s programs work to break through anything that stands in the way of women’s and girls’ opportunities, educationally, politically, and socially. We’re proud to be the beneficiary of 20 percent of gross profits* from all RealHer products until April 2018. RealHer is on a mission to empower young women to embrace their individuality and desire to succeed — and to let makeup act as a source of confidence.

Whether you want to rock hot pink lipstick or not, we can all agree that we want young women to be strong and confident. And we’re putting their money to good use. Our programs reach girls and women at every stage of their lives to empower them to be who they are and to do what they’re passionate about. Find out more about what we do and how you can help.

Title IX is a game changer -- On the field, on campus, in the classroom.

We’re protecting girls’ education.

AAUW helps enforce the civil rights laws that keep women and girls safe at school, and we fight back against the many ways girls’ educational opportunities are still threatened.

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The pursuit of authenticity frees us to be everything we are meant to be. -- Amanda R. Simpson, NCCWSL 2015 Woman of Distinction

We’re training the next generation of leaders.

Our annual conference is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for college women to network, build professional and personal skills, and get inspired to find their own purpose.

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Women have heard it all: I didn't think you'd want that much responsibility. I've never met a woman executive. We need someone who is going to be tough. Will your kids get in the way of your work? ... Don't be a barrier on a woman's path toward leadership.

We’re fighting the gender pay gap and shattering the glass ceiling.

We’re researching the issues that prevent women from running for office, getting in the boardroom, advancing in academia, and more.

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* Gross profit is defined as the sales revenue minus manufacturing, shipping, and handling costs.

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