This year…Let’s Give Every Tech Trek Girl a Quality Backpack

March 30, 2018

Quality backpacks and school supplies help to build self-esteem, spark learning, and improve classroom behavior.  In turn, studies show that attendance, test scores, and graduation rates go up.  Last summer, thanks to AAUW members, all girls/volunteers attending Tech Trek camps in OH, FL, and NM received a free Sydney Paige backpack filled with school supplies. Tech Trek girls in Ohio carried their backpacks around from morning until night!  This year we can double or triple the impact if more members donate or buy one/give one Sydney Paige backpack to support a Tech Trek girl!  Donated bags include school supplies with plenty of room for STEM materials, giving the girls what they need for Tech Trek and the upcoming school year. Family members and friends are welcome to join the effort. Together we can set the stage for a week of fun and learning—and also trigger a donation back to AAUW!  Order by May 15 to ensure delivery before the 2018 Tech Trek season starts.  For details and a discount, go to

By:   |   March 30, 2018