The Simple Truth about The Simple Truth

February 18, 2013


For a century, AAUW has advocated for legislation and policies that encourage and enforce fair pay in the workplace, such as the Equal Pay Act of 1963, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, and the yet-to-be-passed Paycheck Fairness Act. These advocacy efforts are supported by AAUW research, including Graduating to a Pay Gap (2012), Behind the Pay Gap (2007), and The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap.

aauw_home_infographicUpdated twice each year with the most current statistics, The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap is a commonsense guide that provides key facts about the gender pay gap in the United States. Topics include the history and definition of the pay gap; state-by-state rankings of the pay gap; how the pay gap is influenced by age, race/ethnicity, and education; guidance for women facing workplace discrimination; and resources for fair pay advocates.

Want to share the latest information on the gender pay gap at meetings, conferences, and other events? Just download our Simple Truth PowerPoint presentation. Each slide includes talking points to help you with your presentation.

The Simple Truth is also a great resource for your Equal Pay Day event.

Download the The Simple Truth.

Download the PowerPoint presentation.

Printed copies of The Simple Truth are available through ShopAAUW.

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