Your New and Improved AAUW Leader Essentials

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May 18, 2016


For AAUW, leadership is critical not only to our mission to empower women and girls but also to the way we carry out that mission. To support member leadership at all levels, AAUW national seeks to provide members with the tools and resources to make them the best leaders they can be. Now, we’re making it even easier to access the resources and tools you need.

We are proud to announce AAUW’s new Leader Essentials and a new structure for resources on the AAUW website.

Leader Essentials are how-to resources that help you build the skills you need to be an effective leader and advance AAUW’s mission. Leader Essentials focus on doing; they include step-by-step processes and tips for everything from recruiting new members and planning programs to developing future leaders.  Online resources, in-person trainings, webinars, and printed resources are all examples of the resources you’ll find in Leader Essentials.

The resources in Leader Essentials are organized by AAUW’s nine core volunteer skills. These core skills, developed with input from AAUW leaders at all levels, are the critical areas that will help you be effective and achieve success in any AAUW leadership role. Because we’ve organized the resources this way, you can focus on increasing your skills not only in your current role but also in any other leadership role you take on in the future. Every Leader Essentials resource is labeled with stamps for its corresponding core skills, so that you can quickly identify which skills that resource is helping you build. Learn more about AAUW’s core volunteer skills and how they were developed.

AAUW’s library of online resources includes hundreds of resources to help you in your work. You asked for a more structured resource section to make it easier to find the resources you need, and we are now excited to share it with you. Resources are now categorized as either Leader Essentials (the how-to resources that help you build skills) or as Tools and References (which includes forms, reports, brochures, and tool kits that you need to support your work). Learn how to navigate the new resource section, or explore Leader Essentials or Tools and References.

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