Making Sacrifices for Student Debt: One Lawyer’s Story 17May

The main quad, also called "The Yard," is Howard University’s symbolic heart and center of campus life.
Blog   |   Economic Security   |   33 Comments   |   May 17, 2017

There are a wealth of myths surrounding student debt loans and their repayment. For example, many students who pursue law degrees do so with the belief that the careers they […] Read more »

The Power of Education 13April

2017 AAUW Alumnae Recognition Awardee Tererai Trent, Ph.D.

Her world was transformed by education, and now Tererai Trent, Ph.D., is bringing that right to girls in Zimbabwe. Read more »

Make Your Advocacy Better, Faster, Stronger, and Burnout-Proof 31March

Boise members raised the bar for march signage with their very own Statue of Liberty. Courtesy of the AAUW Boise (ID) Branch.
Blog   |   Advocacy   |   March 31, 2017

  Just over two months ago, thousands of AAUW members joined rallies across the country (some far chillier than others!) to make their voices heard to lawmakers at every level […] Read more »

Women Demand Global Economic Parity, Not Status Quo 30March

Commission on the Status of Women 61 banner outside United Nations headquarters in New York City.
Blog   |   Economic Security   |   24 Comments   |   March 30, 2017

When women are economically empowered they have the potential to change their own economic status as well as that of the communities and countries in which they live. At the CSW, women made it known that we are using our expertise and raising our voices to take action to achieve gender equality. The world can’t wait another 170 years. Read more »

Five AAUW Women You Didn’t Know Were on Postage Stamps 30March

Collection of Stamps
Blog   |   Community   |   33 Comments   |   March 30, 2017

Dorothy Height is one of more than a dozen women involved with AAUW who have appeared on postage stamps through the years. Cast your vote for which AAUW member you want to see on the next stamp. Read more »

Here’s Who Would Win March Madness Based on Schools’ Gender Pay Gaps 14March

Iowa State guard Jadda Buckley drives on Baylor University's Niya Johnson during a January 23, 2016, basketball. Photo by Max Goldberg for the Iowa State Daily.
Blog   |   Economic Security   |   29 Comments   |   March 14, 2017

March Madness, the annual NCAA basketball tournament, kicks off this week. But to us, the real madness is that women and people of color still don’t have equal pay in 2017! Read more »

Do Governors Know How to Pronounce “Woman”? 13March

Women's March on Washington, January 2017. Woman with "Girl Power" written on her face. Copyright David Hathcox for AAUW.
Blog   |   Advocacy   |   28 Comments   |   March 13, 2017

Every year at the beginning of their state’s respective legislative session governors deliver a State of the State address. This year the majority of governors’ agendas failed to cover AAUW priorities. Most didn’t even use the word “women.” Read more »

NGOs Build a Strong Future for Women in Morocco and Tunisia 10March

League of Tunisian Women Voters
Blog   |   Advocacy   |   20 Comments   |   March 10, 2017

In Tunisia and Morocco it is apparent that they are raising their voices with us to demand women’s human and civil rights. Read more »

Six Women to Inspire You on International Women’s Day 06March

2003–04 AAUW Selected Professions Fellow Joyce Kim
Blog   |   Community   |   1 Comments   |   March 06, 2017

On International Women’s Day we think about AAUW fellowship recipients who represent a diversity of professions and who act on the belief that women’s equality benefits society as a whole. Read more »

5 Ways to #StandUptoSexism 10February

I stand up to sexism because Masculinity is so fragile
Blog   |   Leadership   |   30 Comments   |   February 10, 2017

Most people agree that gender discrimination is unacceptable. Yet it still persists and assumes many forms, from the seemingly harmless workplace comments to the denial of equal pay for equal work. Here are a few ways you can #StandUptoSexism. Read more »