Candidates for the
AAUW Board Of Directors

AAUW’s Board of Directors is made up of 15 AAUW members, including 12 board members elected by the AAUW membership and three board members appointed by the board of directors. This year, members will vote on a chair, vice chair, and 2 directors.

The member-led national AAUW Nominating Committee reviews applications and recommends candidates for election to the Board of Directors. The board selects nominees based on the candidates put forward by the Nominating Committee.

Board responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of the organization’s mission and goals, approval of the strategic plan and oversight of its implementation;
  • Approval and oversight of the budget and review of finances and investments;
  • Oversight and annual evaluation of the chief executive officer (CEO);
  • Approval of major organization-wide policies, partnerships, and collaborations, grants, and programs, as appropriate and in keeping with the delegation of authorities;
  • Oversight of legal and compliance issues;
  • Approval of governance matters including the appointment of committees, review of bylaw changes, public policy priorities and other proposals to be voted on by the membership.

Board members should have:

  • A clear understanding of the fiduciary duties of directors and the governance function of a national nonprofit board.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience with non-profit or for-profit organizations, particularly national or international in scope.
  • Expertise in one or more specific areas such as advocacy, diversity equity and inclusion; financial oversight and budget planning; professional or proven volunteer fundraising; non-profit governance; or oversight of complex organizations.
  • A commitment to contribute financially to AAUW annually.
  • The time and energy required to participate fully in the work of the board.

To learn more about each candidate for the AAUW Board of Directors and ask them questions via our interactive question and answer feature, please visit the candidate pages below:

Julia Brown, Candidate for Chair

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Malinda Gaul, Candidate for Vice Chair

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Joe Bertolino, Candidate for Director

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Beth Haynes, Candidate for Director

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