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November 3, 2016


Time: 7:30 p.m. ET

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October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and what better way to recognize it than by discussing an original novel based on the true story of the first blind and deaf person to learn language? No, we’re not talking about Helen Keller, but Laura Bridgman, the subject of Kimberly Elkins’ What is Visible: A Novel.

At age 2, Bridgman lost four of her five senses to scarlet fever. At age 7, she was taken to the Perkins Institute in Boston to see if she could be taught to communicate. And by age 20, she was considered by her contemporaries to be one of the 19th century’s most famous women — second only to Queen Victoria — thanks to her mastery of language and universally charming brilliance. In a rich and magnetic style, What Is Visible tells Bridgman’s story against the backdrop of Victorian-era America. Elkins takes a century-old story that has been buried for more than a century and, with thorough research and what one critic called “riveting, poignant detail,” makes it — and the remarkable American woman at its center — visible again.

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