Join AAUW’s Online Author Talk with Sarah Deer, Author of The Beginning and End of Rape

December 1, 2016


Time: 7:30 p.m. ET

Location: Online

Cost: Free

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Event Description

In recognition of November as Native American Heritage Month, we’ll be discussing a series of essays written by Sarah Deer, an advocate for cultural and legal reforms. She has worked to protect Native women from endemic sexual violence and abuse and played a crucial role in the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act in 2013.

In a book that’s described as a “blunt, trenchant exposé on the history and impact of sexual violence on indigenous tribal nations,” Deer, an attorney and law professor, confronts the problem of violence against Native women head-on. Deer, a McArthur Fellow, provides a clear historical overview of rape and sex trafficking in North America, paying particular attention to the gendered legacy of colonialism in tribal nations. In a damning critique of federal law that has accommodated rape by destroying tribal legal systems, she describes how tribal self-determination efforts of the 21st century can be leveraged to eradicate violence against women. The Beginning and End of Rape bridges the gap between Indian law and feminist thinking by explaining how intersectional approaches are vital to addressing the rape of Native women.

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The Beginning and End of Rape: Confronting Sexual Violence in Native AmericaThe Beginning and End of Rape: Confronting Sexual Violence in Native America by Sarah Deer
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Sarah Deer’s The Beginning and End of Rape is a difficult but easily digestible book to read. While the subject matter – sexual violence against Native women – is incredibly heavy and heartbreaking, Deer approaches it in a manner that makes it accessible even for those with no prior background in the topic. She provides ample context, breaks down even the most complex legal matters into terms non-legal readers can understand, and does all of this while keeping her arguments and explanations concise. Anyone who wants to learn more about why Native women are so vulnerable to sexual violence and what is being done to combat this would do well to pick up Deer’s book.

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