Membership Office Hours: Membership Retention

January 24, 2017


Location: Webinar

Cost: Free

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Event Description:

Have you and your board set retention goals for this year? Are you struggling to meet those retention goals? The AAUW Membership Committee and staff want to support you throughout the year with themed membership office hours sessions.

To prepare for this session, please watch the Retention 101 webinar and listen to tips from fellow members from the Share and Learn: Membership Retention Made Easy webinar.

AAUW is committed to engaging our volunteer leaders and keeping them up to date on the latest resources and tools available. Join us so we can get to know each other and work together to expand AAUW’s community! While this webinar is open to everyone, it is geared toward branch and state presidents, membership vice presidents, and any leaders responsible for member recruitment, engagement, or retention strategies in the local community.

This webinar is a moderated discussion with AAUW Membership Committee members, staff, and volunteers like you and is the perfect chance to answer any questions you may have about resources and specific strategies that you can use to engage new and returning members.



Woman holding up MVP ribbon. Resources for Membership Vice Presidents.

Resources for State and Branch Membership Officers

Whether you’re new to the MVP position or returning, these resources are designed to empower you in your work.

AAUW Branch Event

Programs + New Members + $ (Fundraising) = The Branch of Tomorrow

Examine successful events that feature a recruitment or fundraising twist. Hear about the resources that can make your program a success.

A person's hand watering a sprouting plant.

How to Build New Leaders in Your Branch

This resource for current branch and state leaders will teach you how to delegate tasks and responsibilities — a crucial step in increasing engagement and making an impact.