“Celebrate” Equal Pay Day with AAUW on Twitter!

April 4, 2017

Time: 2–3 p.m. ET

Location: On Twitter! Follow @AAUW and @AAUWPolicy.

Cost: Free

Event Description

It’s that time of year again — soon women will come together to “celebrate” Equal Pay Day. The typical woman working full time, year-round in the United States is paid just 80 cents for every dollar a man is paid, which means she has to work until April 4, 2017, to be paid as much as the typical man took home by December 31, 2016. Sound fair to you?

Join @AAUW and equal pay advocates for an #EqualPayDay Twitter storm on Tuesday, April 4. We’ll be raising awareness — and our voices — to urge for action to ensure that ALL women are paid what they’re worth. Use the sample tweets and images below to spread the word that women and families can’t afford to wait for equal pay!

Follow @AAUW and @AAUWPolicy and use hashtag #EqualPayDay.

This year AAUW has observed or will observe the following additional equal pay days.

Sample Tweets

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Shareable showing the pay gap by race for several groups of women

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in 2015, among full-time, year-round workers, women were paid 80 percent of what men were paid.

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Equal Pay

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Gender pay gap by state. Women's median annual earnings compared with men's median annual earnings for full-time workers in 2015.

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