College/University Membership Benefits Faculty and Staff

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AAUW supports the work of faculty members and college administrators like you! Joining AAUW ensures that you and your colleagues develop as leaders on campus and in your fields. Enjoy membership benefits like funding, professional development, and networking opportunities.

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University of St. Thomas faculty member Kate Lockwood aims to raise her computer science students’ confidence. She believes that broadening her field’s reach depends on teaching students that computer science is a learned skill like any other, and it can be mastered with practice and patience. Lockwood received AAUW educational funding to complete her doctoral work and has served on a selection panel for future AAUW fellows and grantees. Her story is just one among many of faculty members engaging with AAUW. How will you begin your AAUW journey?

Access Research Funding

Jessica Marquez, 2006 Selected Professions Fellow

Jessica Marquez, 2006 Selected Professions Fellow

As a campus administrator, you too can apply for AAUW fellowships and grants, which provide funding for research projects or degree programs. You and your colleagues can also take advantage of AAUW Summer/Short-Term Research Publication Grants, which invest in faculty and staff publication.

Interested in teaching your students how to put their research into action? Teams of faculty, staff, and students who are AAUW members are given special consideration when they apply for a Campus Action Project grant of up to $5,000. This program teaches students how to apply for grant funding, present their projects at a national conference, and develop their leadership skills. You can also connect with your local AAUW branch to receive funding through the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund Campus Outreach Grant program for a campus event on the gender pay gap, sexual harassment and assault, Title IX violations, or other gender discrimination topics.


Step Up as a Leader on Campus


AAUW offers many opportunities to strengthen your leadership skills. Faculty and staff can serve in one of two college/university (C/U) representative roles at your school. As a C/U rep, you receive free national AAUW membership (a $59 value), online resources, and access to a diverse global community.

C/U representatives can take advantage of online resources on such topics as mentorshipadvocacy, and leadership and use the latest AAUW research reports in your classroom or programs. We can also provide you with resources to help you learn your rights on tenure and other campus issues.

You can also enhance your résumé by serving as a panelist for AAUW’s fellow and grantee selection or on a national AAUW committee. Flex your presentation skills by becoming a facilitator for our salary negotiation program. You can also submit a workshop proposal for the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) and attend sessions specifically designed for campus professionals.

Want to do more in your community? You can volunteer with your local AAUW branch or AAUW Younger Women’s Task Force chapter or be an adviser to an AAUW student organization.


Build Your Network


Faculty and staff find community within AAUW at many different levels. Globally, AAUW membership connects you with 170,000 members and supporters as well as more than 800 college/university member schools. You can get involved locally with one of the nearly 1,000 AAUW branches or Younger Women’s Task Force chapters. Online, you can find and connect with other C/U representatives through the Membership Services Database. Not a C/U representative? You can still connect with colleagues on AAUW’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Is your graduate department looking for the best and brightest students for your program? Take advantage of a special C/U member discount at one of AAUW’s Graduate School Fairs — either virtually or at our annual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Department chairs or hiring managers at C/U member schools looking to hire new faculty or staff members can also reach a new audience on the career center section of our website. C/U member schools receive a special 15 percent discount on faculty and staff postings.


Help Your Students as Well!

A group of women students in front of a Cheyney University banner

Members of the 2014–15 Campus Action Project team at Cheyney University tackled gender stereotypes and bias.

AAUW campus leadership programs make you stand out as an innovative administrator. When your institution joins as a college/university member AAUW can offer your students funding for campus-based gender equity projects, leadership development, and countless opportunities to connect with a community both around the world and close to home. Read more about how AAUW C/U membership benefits your students.

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