Playbook on Best Practices for Gender Equity in Tech

Learn research-proven strategies and actions to level the playing field for women in your workplace.

While girls are studying and excelling in science and math more than ever before, this achievement has not been matched with a similar rise in the representation of women in these careers. Today, women make up just 12 percent of the engineering workforce and 26 percent of the computing workforce. Employers play a critical role in improving the representation of women in engineering and computing professions. And doing so will help companies recruit and retain the talent necessary to remain competitive and productive.

A product of a partnership between AAUW and Dell, the Playbook on Best Practices: Gender Equity in Tech equips advocates and employers with actionable steps and data-driven strategies to increase the representation of women in engineering and computing fields. Through research-backed strategies, we can work together to accelerate the rate of change and break through barriers for women in the workplace.


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