2017–18 Leader Tools and Resources

AAUW has the resources you need to succeed in your leadership position. Please share these resources with other leaders as well; the more information everyone has, the better equipped AAUW’s member leaders will be to make change happen.

AAUW’s resources address three basic questions: Who are we trying to reach? What are we trying to accomplish? How will we accomplish our goals? With these resources, tools, and tips, AAUW gives you the answers you need to increase our membership and maximize every interaction.

Tools to Grow Membership

We can grow our membership by extending our reach within our current sphere of influence. AAUW tackles such issues as health, economic security, personal safety, and professional growth. What impact does your branch’s work on AAUW’s issue areas have in your community? Do members of your community look to you to inform them about problems that affect women and girls? Below are some of the resources AAUW provides to help you educate your community and effect real change.

  • AAUW research — AAUW’s most recent research report, Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans, can serve as an outstanding resource for your community. Use our program guide to organize an event to educate your community about the effects of student debt on women.
  • Mission-based programs — What is of interest to your community? Chances are AAUW can provide content you can use to educate your community and outline the steps you and your community can take to make a difference.
  • The Affliate Program Resource Committee (formerly the Branch Program Resources Committee or BPRC)  — A committee of your peers with more than 100 years of combined experience in making AAUW shine in their communities. You can contact the committee at program@aauw.org with your questions and ideas.
  • AAUW Work Smart and AAUW Start Smart — AAUW’s salary negotiation workshops are taking the country by storm and whittling away at the pay gap one negotiation at a time. Join the hundreds of campuses and communities already making a difference by bringing a salary negotiation training to your community today!
  • AAUW fellows — When it comes to enriching local programs, diversifying your branch, or strengthening connections in your community, AAUW fellows and grantees are a perfect resource. They are eager to engage with AAUW locally and share their stories and connections. Find fellows in your area by accessing the recipients and sponsors directory on the AAUW website or emailing fellowships@aauw.org. Be sure to get fellowships and grants bookmarks and brochures from ShopAAUW to display the next time you table!
  • Local advocates — Potential members are interested in activism! Your local activism will give them the opportunity to become involved and interested in joining AAUW to make even more change happen. Use our advocacy how-to guides for ideas and tips on organizing events around activism. Don’t forget to let AAUW staff know about your efforts via the Upcoming Advocacy Activity and Events Form and Advocacy Activity and Events Report-Back Form. AAUW’s policy staff can be reached at 202.785.7793 or at advocacy@aauw.org.

Tools to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Are you making the most of your interactions with others? You may be ready for face-to-face interactions by having a good elevator speech prepared, but people will also interact with you and your branch in ways you’ll never see such as visiting your website, reading an AAUW brochure at home, or checking out one of your posters at the local library. Here are some resources that will help your branch put its best foot forward.

  • Videos — If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth 10,000. Upload “Ifs and Onlys and Little Girls’ Dreams” to your website, play an AAUW video while tabling in your community, or start programs inspired by a related video — the possibilities are endless!
  • Branch website — People will make assumptions about your branch or state within seconds of landing on your website based on the first pieces of content they encounter, so your website needs to tell the right story. Don’t have a website? Let AAUW Site Resources create one for you at no cost.
  • Elevator speeches — How do you respond when someone asks what you do or what AAUW is? A concise and compelling statement will interest anyone in our mission!
  • Webinars — Webinars provide techniques and tips for attracting, engaging, and retaining current and potential members. The AAUW staff designs webinars based on frequently asked questions from members like you. Webinars will be conducted on the second Tuesday of every month.

AAUW plays an important role in leveling the playing field for women and girls. When we all work together as one AAUW, we are so much stronger than our individual parts. We look forward to providing the resources and national visibility you need to grow and do good in your communities. Together there is nothing we can’t do.

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