2017 State Convention Visuals to Help You Tell AAUW’s Story

Missed your state convention this year? Stay up to date on how One AAUW continues to change the climate for women and girls and learn how you can share that information with your community!

The presentation and accompanying videos below, which members across the country saw at state conventions in 2017, offer an exciting way to help you recruit and retain a diverse and passionate membership. You can also use them to thank current members for their continued support of AAUW’s mission.

The materials are available in a variety of lengths and formats, so use whichever is appropriate for your situation. See instructions and descriptions for each segment below.

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2017 State Convention Presentation

Make sure your branch members know the difference they’ve made in the lives of women and girls this year and that they have the tools they need to share AAUW’s story with your community! This presentation features a new video called “Ifs and Onlys and Little Girls’ Dreams” and shares updated information on beloved AAUW programs. It also provides an easy way to see the effect your support has had this year. Download and share the full presentation to show current and potential members how we’re changing the climate for women and girls.

“Ifs and Onlys and Little Girls’ Dreams”

The words “it’s a girl!” radiate excitement about a world of possibilities ahead — but as we see in this video, a little girl’s dreams are often limited by the words “if” and “only.” Share this video at branch programs open to the public, community events, or during other recruitment opportunities to show current and potential members why AAUW works to change the climate for women and girls. Download the video.

Numbers Tell the Story

This video shows AAUW’s reach over the course of a year. Share it with your current branch members to thank them for their time and philanthropy! This video also serves as a strong recruitment tool. Download the video.

AAUW Highlights Work Smart Salary Negotiation Infographic

Want more national numbers? See (and share!) the flyer featuring some of AAUW’s milestones and highlights from 2016!

Charting the Course Campaign Wrap-Up

Did your branch or individual members take part in AAUW’s Charting the Course campaign? Find out just how important the $1 million raised through this unrestricted giving campaign was to AAUW’s mission. Download the video.

2016 State Convention Presentations

The Full 2016 State Convention Powerpoint

Make sure your branch members have the tools they need to share AAUW’s success with your community! This presentation, which was shared across the country at state conferences and conventions, gives members an elevator speech, updated information on beloved programs, and an easy way to understand the importance of unrestricted support of AAUW. Download and share the full presentation.

One AAUW: Changing the Climate for Women and Girls Video

With elevator speeches: This fabulous video not only shows members how to give a succinct elevator speech but also provides background for how AAUW is changing the climate for women and girls. This is perfect to use as a learning exercise at your next branch meeting. Download the video.
Video screenshot. Elevator floor numbers.

Download the video.

Without elevator speeches: This shorter version of the video is great for tabling at community events and sharing the power of One AAUW. If you have Wi-Fi, you can use a laptop and play the video directly from YouTube, or you can download it so you can play it without internet access.

Download the video.
Watch video on YouTube.

Elevator Speeches Video

Want to practice your elevator speech? Well, practice makes perfect. This resource is the isolated elevator speeches from the One AAUW video. Get right to the point and get everything you need to make your AAUW pitch the most compelling it’s ever been! Download the video. Then start a discussion about how to customize your elevator speech depending upon which elevator you’re in!

The Power of Your Gifts Video

AAUW White Board Power of Your Gifts Video ScreenshotFor too long, restricted giving has left the AAUW programs that respond to new or current opportunities seriously underfunded. Unrestricted giving ensures that AAUW will remain nimble and able to adapt to the challenges women will face in the future. We don’t know what those challenges will be, but we do know that we’ll need a thriving AAUW to meet them. This simple video makes this concept come alive. Download and share it with your membership to ensure AAUW’s continued ability to change the climate for women and girls.