AAUW Affiliate Compliance Checklist

All AAUW affiliates (branches, states, and Younger Women’s Task Force chapters) must submit the following information as requested by AAUW to the national office in order to be recognized as an entity officially affiliated with AAUW.

I. Affiliate Agreement

All AAUW affiliates, be they 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 affiliates, must sign and submit to AAUW the affiliate agreement for their specific affiliate. This is a one-time reporting task unless or until your status changes. (For example, the merger of affiliates to become a new affiliate under a new name requires a new affiliate agreement.) The completed affiliate agreement must be returned in its entirety to compliance@aauw.org or faxed to 202.861.8068.

Each AAUW-affiliated entity should include in the affiliate agreement the employer identification number (EIN) received from the IRS after the affiliate was officially formed. If you do not know the status of the EIN for your AAUW affiliate, contact Connect at 800.326.2289 or at connect@aauw.org.

For more information about IRS filings, please review AAUW’s Finance Tool Kit.

II. Bylaws

Newly formed affiliates have six months after receiving the recognition letter from AAUW to submit bylaws to the AAUW national office. Each affiliate’s bylaws must contain AAUW’s model bylaws. The model bylaws must be inserted into the affiliate bylaws exactly as written by AAUW with no additions or deletions made to the mandated model. The national AAUW Bylaws are updated every two years, so affiliates must update their bylaws to conform to national bylaws and resubmit them to the AAUW national office.

III. Dues Processing

The membership year for AAUW affiliates runs from July 1 to June 30. After March 15, affiliates are encouraged to focus on collecting membership dues for the next fiscal year. Membership dues should be submitted to the AAUW national office by July 1 to keep affiliate members’ benefits from being interrupted. Membership dues may be submitted through various methods (read more about dues processing). Non-payment of dues will result in termination of national and affiliate membership benefits, effective October 31.

IV. Officers

Each year affiliate presidents, administrators, and YWTF chapter directors are required to report officers for the new fiscal year before June 30. Even if the current officers are staying on, the AAUW national office must be notified. The AAUW Bylaws require each affiliate to have a president/administrator and a financial officer. Branch officers and state officers forms can be located online in the Member Services Database. Affiliates that hold elections after the June 30 deadline will understandably have to delay reporting their officers.

If an affiliate’s officers are not reported to AAUW by July 1, leaders of that affiliate will lose access to the services and resources that AAUW regularly provides. Please contact Connect at 800.326.2289 (connect@aauw.org) for assistance.


Failure to comply with the required documents can result in the disbandment of the affiliate by the AAUW Board of Directors. In that case, the entity will also be reported to the IRS as a nonaffiliate of AAUW.



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