Make Your AAUW Campus Leadership Experience Shine on Your Résumé!


You, Your Résumé, and AAUW

AAUW offers a variety of ways to gain leadership skills and advocate for women throughout your college experience. But did you know you can take that experience and translate it into a marketable job skill?

Your work with AAUW shows future employers that you’re passionate, hardworking, and most important, that you are committed to the advancement and empowerment of women and girls. A résumé should convey your leadership experience in AAUW, on campus, and in your community to potential employers.

Here are a few ways to make your AAUW involvement stand out on your résumé.


Student Organizations

Highlighting your AAUW student organization is a great way to bring attention to your leadership skills. AAUW student organizations are unique because you have the opportunity to collaborate with other student groups, local and state AAUW branches, and the national office. Multiple years of membership and leadership in a student organization demonstrate consistency and a willingness to take on responsibility.

Résumé writing tip: Make sure to use specific numbers when describing your accomplishments.

Résumé Example

August 2013–present

American Association of University Women (AAUW) student organization
Indiana University

  • Manage communication between the organization adviser,the AAUW Executive Board for the organization AAUW student members, and the national AAUW office
  • Coordinate and conduct biweekly meetings with AAUW leadership on issues concerning women’s equity and advancement
  • Address the needs and concerns of more than 50 organization members
  • Create and execute at least three campus events per academic semester including tabling opportunities to recruit members, a panel discussion on women in STEM, and an equal pay rally to raise awareness about fair pay


National Student Advisory Council

The AAUW National Student Advisory Council (SAC) provides you with the unique opportunity to work with other student leaders who are passionate about the advancement of women and girls and to serve as an AAUW ambassador on your campus. SAC members plan at least two AAUW-related activism events on their campuses and serve as peer leaders at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

Résumé writing tip: Use a variety of action words and provide concrete details about your work.

Résumé Example

October 2013–June 2014

AAUW National Student Advisory Council

  • Was selected from a rigorous application process to serve with nine other women leaders nationwide as a student ambassador for the American Association of University Women (AAUW) on Indiana University’s campus
  • Represented thousands of AAUW student members across the country and advised the AAUW national office on student needs
  • Marketed AAUW programs on campus through two social media campaigns and several tabling events and poster campaigns
  • Facilitated and attended the 2014 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders; introduced keynote speaker, Chelsea Clinton
  • Conceptualized, organized, and executed a two-day leadership conference at the University of Maryland for 75 Catonsville Middle School women students on how to fight gender biases and stereotypes


Campus Action Projects

Participating in a Campus Action Project (CAP) is a great opportunity to emphasize your event-planning abilities and serve your university community. Every year, AAUW awards grants to schools across the country that design and submit plans for advocacy on their campuses. If your proposal was chosen, highlight your ability to work in a team and to create a budget. Campus Action Projects also require excellent event coordination, organizational skills, and teamwork, so make sure to promote those on your résumé as well.

Résumé writing tip: Make sure you have every action verb in the correct tense!

Résumé Example

December 2014–May 2015

AAUW Campus Action Project Grant Recipient
University of Maryland
Team Leader

  • Worked as part of a 10-person team on a project that combatted STEM-based gender stereotypes on college campuses by identifying problematic language
  • Designed a social media campaign spanning Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter that generated more than 200 likes and 600 shares
  • Prepared and managed a $5,000 budget to implement a mentorship program that paired 25 first-year students with women leaders in STEM positions in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.
  • Presented the creation, design, execution, and results of the team’s project at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders


Conferences and Workshops

If you’ve participated in a workshop or conference such as NCCWSL, include your participation under a Leadership Experience or Conferences section of your résumé. These are also wonderful experiences to mention in a cover letter or during an interview if the event is relevant to the position you’re pursuing.


Future Leadership

All of your activities with AAUW help develop your professional skills. You can continue building your résumé by working with AAUW after college as a branch, state, or Younger Women’s Task Force member — and a host of other options! Maintaining a leadership position after graduation demonstrates a consistent commitment to the advancement of women and girls to future employers. Check out our page on how to get involved for tips on transitioning to local, state, and national participation and continue to make your résumé stand out!

This post was written by AAUW Campus Initiatives Intern Laura Bruns.



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