AAUW Position Description: College/University Representatives at Member Institution

College/university (C/U) representatives are appointed by an AAUW college/university member institution to serve as the liaison between students and AAUW on campus.


  • Respond to and initiate communications with AAUW at national state and branch levels.
  • Disseminate information about faculty, staff, and student benefits related to your school’s membership to appropriate campus offices and academic departments.
  • Regularly disseminate information and plan specific methods to recruit students to join AAUW as an e-student affiliate. Methods for recruitment could include sending out e-mails to student lists, sharing with colleagues, social media, information tables, or during programs or classes.
  • Encourage campus participation in AAUW programs such as the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders , Start Smart, and other initiatives.
  • Respond to outreach initiated by AAUW in an attempt to meet the needs of your institution using AAUW resources.
  • Inform the AAUW national office of new contact information when it changes.

Please contact AAUW at 800.326.2289 or email leadership@aauw.org if you have any questions about the C/U representative role. When you undertake one of the activities above, or for assistance strategizing ways to best utilize AAUW benefits and programs, please contact AAUW’s manager of college/university relationship so we can highlight your successes and offer a model for other representatives.


Marian Firke

C/U Frequently Asked Questions

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C/U 101 Webinar Recording

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A Guide for C/U Representatives

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