An RSS feed sorts through those updates for you, even if you don’t visit us daily. When you subscribe to an AAUW RSS feed, a summary of links to AAUW’s newest content goes straight to your desktop or e-mail inbox.

How do I use an RSS feed?

Simply copy a feed URL below and paste it into an RSS news reader or use a browser that supports RSS feeds, such as Safari or Mac OS X Mail.

You can also add an AAUW RSS feed to your personal website and automatically update your page with recent news. Simple, customizable feed widgets such as BlastCasta, RSSinclude, Surfing Waves, FeedGrabbr, and Feed Informer are easy to use and available online.

Make the most of your AAUW branch Facebook page by linking it to AAUW RSS feeds.

AAUW RSS feeds

AAUW updates (all website content)

Blog (current events, commentary, and stories)

Articles (what’s new at AAUW)

Events (national in-person and online events)

Resources (tools for leaders, members, and advocates)


social media

Social Media 101: Getting Started with Facebook and Twitter

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Tips for Using the AAUW Website

As an AAUW leader, you have many responsibilities. We want to make your job easier, and the resources section is designed to do just that.

Adding RSS Feeds to Facebook

Follow these easy steps to keep your branch or state Facebook page updated with AAUW content.