Extra Credit! Ask Your Alma Mater to Join AAUW

“I wish I had known about AAUW when I was in college.”

We hear this all the time from AAUW members who never knew their alma maters were AAUW members. But even if your college days are behind you, the Huskies, Bulldogs, or Spartans following in your footsteps still have time to take advantage of all that the AAUW community offers. Students can get a free e-student affiliate membership. They can be first in line when they apply for a Campus Action Project grant.

Four women in University of Texas colors stand on a football field.

University of Texas, El Paso, students show off their school colors.

You can help make it happen by asking your alma mater to take it to the next level with AAUW membership. Here’s how.

Find out if your alma mater is already a member.

Before you can ask your college or university to join AAUW, you need to make sure your school isn’t already one of our more than 800 college and university members. Head over to our college and university membership directory and see if your school is on the list.

  • My alma mater is a member.
    Your school is already on its “A” game. Consider reaching out to say thanks for your alma mater’s membership and commitment to empowering women. And if you know any current undergraduate students, make sure they know about the e-student affiliate membership option.
  • My school isn’t on the list!
    Many schools aren’t AAUW members because they don’t know about us, but you can change that. Think about the contacts you have at the school — professors, former advisers, a staff member in the women’s studies department — and then e-mail or call them to ask if they’ve considered AAUW membership.

Follow up.

If you don’t hear back from your contacts, send them a second message reminding them of the benefits of joining AAUW. Send them the link to our college and university membership page, which details all the benefits an institution, its faculty, and its students receive from being a part of AAUW.


College women members stand with their tri-panel poster.
Recruit College/ University Members

AAUW members are the best ambassadors to recruiting your local colleges and universities to join the AAUW community. Learn how to get started!

The National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education, which is led by AAUW, held a briefing June 19 on Title IX and campus sexual assault. The discussion featured (L-R) Neena Chaudhry of the National Women’s Law Center, Dana Bolger of Know Your IX, Lisa Maatz of AAUW, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Lisalyn Jacobs of Legal Momentum, and Katie Hanna of the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence.
College/University Membership

Learn how campus faculty/staff and students will benefit from AAUW membership.

Engage Local Campuses: A Guide for Branches

Engaging with local AAUW college/university members in branch activities to create more diverse programming, growth, and community impact.