Branch Dues Report Process

The membership year for AAUW branches runs July 1–June 30. After March 15, branches are encouraged to focus on the collection of membership dues for the next fiscal year.

There are three ways to submit membership dues:

The Member Services Database (MSD)

The Member Services Database (MSD) allows you to manage your membership online. This resource lists members eligible for renewal and makes it easy to add new members or update your branch member records. Members can complete their dues report online, print it, and mail one payment to the national office and the other to their state AAUW organization.

Membership Payment Program (MPP)

The Membership Payment Program (MPP) is an enhanced feature within the MSD for those who prefer to combine dues payment processing, membership management, and tracking tools online. Members may pay directly using the MPP with a credit card, or the branch finance officer can complete a dues report and pay by credit card or a single check for the entire branch’s payment. National, state, and branch dues must all be paid together if you choose the MPP option.

Branch Dues Report (BDR)

The traditional Branch Dues Report (BDR) form is sent via email around May 1 to the branch finance officers with copies sent to presidents and membership vice presidents. The BDR comes in PDF file format. Print, fill out, and mail the form with one payment to the national office and the other to your state organization. If you are a branch finance officer, president, or membership vice president and did not receive your BDR form, contact customer service staff at Use the Additional Dues Remittance (ADR) form in conjunction with the BDR to report and send the national and state dues collected for new members, late renewals, lapsed members, national members, and more throughout the year.

AAUW Dues/Fees Tax Deductibility

AAUW national membership dues are $59, of which $56 is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. The remaining $3 is not tax deductible because it supports the AAUW Action Fund’s section 501(c)(4) Capitol Hill Lobby Corps and get-out-the vote activities. Student dues are $18.81, of which $16.81 is tax deductible and $2 is not. AAUW national life membership is $1,180 and is fully tax deductible.

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