Branch President/Administrator Position Description

According to theĀ AAUW Bylaws, affiliates such as state organizations, branches, and Younger Women’s Task Force chapters are required to have only two officers: president and finance chair. The president/administrator conducts the business of AAUW and develops, implements, and oversees AAUW activities within the affiliate and community.


  • Know and adhere to the branch bylaws, policies, and procedures
  • Convene a board of directors to plan and implement activities that advance AAUW priorities and issues while engaging members, supporters, and community friends
  • Facilitate collegial board and branch decision-making regarding goals, expectations, and use of resources
  • Develop a strategic plan with measurable goals and objectives that might include membership recruitment and retention, program activity, public policy, diversity, leadership development, and AAUW Fund initiatives
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork; incorporate membership development, public policy advocacy, and fundraising into branch programs
  • Commit to diversity in all that you do; seek opportunities for inclusion of individuals and groups
  • Participate in community collaborations that advance AAUW’s mission
  • Seek and maintain collaborative relationships with local colleges/universities and students
  • Represent your branch within your community and state
  • Review and monitor fiscal health and sign off on expenditures as appropriate
  • Encourage participation in AAUW’s leadership training and resources

Responsibilities to Your State

  • Maintain regular contact with the state president and keep them informed of branch activities
  • Know and adhere to state bylaws, policies, and procedures

Responsibilities to AAUW

  • Encourage members to support national initiatives and programs
  • Adhere to all AAUW policies and procedures through compliance with the AAUW Bylaws, affiliate agreement, and fundraising guidelines (AAUW Policy 501)
  • Support AAUW’s leadership development efforts by nominating branch members for national and state leadership positions

Leadership Skills Helpful to the Position

An effective leader is willing to learn and practice skills in strategic planning and goal setting, meeting facilitation and team building, public speaking, and communications. A leader is able to recognize and employ the talents of others; to inspire collaborative work toward common goals; to mentor and encourage; and to be empathetic, reassuring, and decisive.

Time Commitment

An effective leader uses their time wisely by planning ahead and delegating responsibilities. Branch and board meetings require time to facilitate, which can be done through use of different media. Branch leaders should attend state conventions and conferences.


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National, State, andĀ Branch Leadership Positions

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Resources for Branch and State Presidents

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How to Build New Leaders in Your Branch

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