Branch Public Policy Chair Position Description

The public policy chair advocates for AAUW’s public policy priorities and represents AAUW’s public policy priorities to policy makers, elected and appointed officials, AAUW members, the public, and the media. They also lead AAUW voter education and turnout campaigns for their branch.

Responsibilities of Each Member of the Branch Board

  • Align branch activities with state and national AAUW priorities
  • Take an active and collaborative role in leading the branch to plan and implement AAUW activities
  • Actively recruit new members and engage existing members in activities

Specific Responsibilities of the Branch Public Policy Chair

Responsibilities to Your Branch

As branch public policy chair, you may be a member of the branch board of directors and other committees as assigned. If this is not already the case in your branch, speak with the branch president to create the board position.

Responsibilities to Your State

  • Maintain regular contact with your state public policy chair and report on efforts
  • Share successful advocacy strategies with your state public policy chair and other branches

Leadership Skills Helpful to the Position

A good candidate will be skilled at program planning and development, team building, coalition building, communications and public speaking, and media relations.

Time Commitment

Approximate time required for this position is six hours per month. Attendance at state conventions and the AAUW National Convention is encouraged.

Review the AAUW national, state, and branch leadership positions

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