How to Bring AAUW’s PSAs to Your Community

As an AAUW member or supporter, you already know the amazing scope and importance of AAUW’s mission and programs. In fact, AAUW empowers women and girls in so many ways that it’s sometimes hard to sum it all up when you’re trying to increase your visibility.

Giving a great elevator speech is a good start if you’re talking one-on-one. But AAUW’s public service announcements (PSAs) can amplify that message— and to a broader audience.

Here are five ways to bring AAUW’s PSAs to your local community.

1. Pick a favorite PSA.

“You Don’t Know Me”

AAUW has been changing the climate for women and girls and leading the charge for their empowerment since 1881. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been touched since that time, most of whom we’ll never know. What we do know is that our work puts young women today on the path to be the leaders of tomorrow.
*This PSA is also suitable for radio

“You Throw Like A Girl”

You throw like a girl … and that’s a bad thing? This powerful 31 second PSA highlights AAUW’s support for Title IX and can be played at any Title IX event where AAUW is represented.
*This PSA is also suitable for radio

“The Power of Membership”

A perennial favorite, this PSA shows how AAUW opens doors and helps women and girls achieve their dreams.

2. Play them everywhere.

Videos like these are perfect for tabling! Play your favorite PSA videos continuously when you table or exhibit at events. Show them during your presentations to introduce the audience to AAUW and our issues. PSAs are great conversation starters — your enthusiasm and knowledge will do the rest!

3. Put them on your website.

Link to your favorite PSA on your website. Talk to your webmaster about either listing a link or, even better, embedding the video on your homepage. Branches with a Site Resources website can do it in seconds!

4. Share them on social media

Put the video up on your branch or personal page!

5. Get AAUW’s PSAs played on your local TV and radio stations.

Follow these steps to get started and cultivate a relationship with your local TV stations.

Step 1: Call your local television or radio station and ask for the person in charge of PSAs or the community affairs director — not a reporter.

Step 2: Introduce yourself and AAUW’s mission and explain that we’re trying to raise awareness about empowering women. Then offer to send a link to the video so that the person can review it.

Step 3: After sending the link, follow up with your contact a few days later to see if she or he will air the video. Find out what the specifications are for broadcast-quality video for the station (ask for specs, pronounced like “specks”), and call or e-mail Connect2AAUW ( or 800.326.2289) for the appropriate file. If the file size is too big, we may have to mail you either a DVD or a flash drive with the video on it.

Step 4: Once you receive the file from AAUW, work with your contact to deliver it to the station.

Step 5: Follow up one week later to make sure that everything is taken care of and to find out when it might air.

Step 6: Thank your contact and tune in to watch!

Step 7: Did your PSAs air on TV or radio? Let us know by filling out the quick form below.

Step 8: REPEAT! Station staff can turn over quickly, and it’s easy to forget an old PSA when you are constantly being asked to play new ones. Routinely call or e-mail your contacts so that they remember you and the AAUW PSA.