2012-13 Campus Action Project Teams

Using the CAP grant funding, students will put into action the recommendations from AAUW’s 2012 research report, Graduating to a Pay Gap: The Earnings of Men and Women One Year after College Graduation.

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Meet the 2012-13 CAP Teams

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California State University, Northridge

A green board with a CSUN flyer on the college wage gap.The Difference a Dollar Makes
“The Difference a Dollar Makes” project sought to raise awareness on campus regarding the impact the gender pay gap has on female students one year after graduation. Through a semester-long project embedded in a Gender and Women’s Studies “Women, Work and Family” course, students spent the better part of a semester learning about and exploring the gender pay gap.

Dakota State University (South Dakota)

Gender Pay Gap — The Naked Truth
The Women in Science and Technology (WIST) program at Dakota State University increased awareness of the gender pay gap issue through a video/blog based website. They also held various art contests in order to engage with students on their campus.

Ithaca College (New York)

Teach, Initiate, Advocate! Talks
Ithaca College decided to implement the CAP grant through a series of Teach, Initiate, Advocate! Talks. TIA Talks were workshops for college student women on topics such as professional confidence, bargaining, discrimination, financial literacy, and salary negotiation skills.

Kansas City Kansas Community College

Your Future, Your Earnings
The “Your Future, Your Earnings” program that the team at Kansas City Community College organized consisted of three events that provided a campus-wide opportunity for raising awareness about the need for financial independence. The events featured four local professional experts to cover each of the identified target topics: “Gender Gap Challenge,” “Student Debt Dilemma,” and “Essential Business Skills: the Art of the Ask and Network with Ease.” The events were held in the Student Union and were open to current, future college students and the local community. Both events were recorded through multimedia for release online by the campus Media Services Technology staff.

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Yellow bracelet that says "I Support Pay Equity"Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts used their Campus Action Project Grant to raise campus awareness about the gender wage gap and effects it has on college loan debt. Their team, consisting mainly of college students, implemented interactive workshops, presentations, and a campus-wide awareness campaign.

Towson University (Maryland)

Towson Equal Pay Day 2013 PostersWomen in the Red
The primary objectives of Towson University’s project were to educate the campus community on the wage gap and equip female students with skills to negotiate for equitable salaries. This was accomplished with three major activities: a campus-wide publicity campaign, awareness raising events, and salary negotiation workshops.

University of Arizona

Mind the Gap
At the University of Arizona, the FORCE (Feminists Organized to Resist Create and Empower) Interns implemented a project called Mind the Gap. During the spring semester, FORCE created a 15-minute presentation on the pay gap and presented it to various campus groups, reaching hundreds of students.

They hosted a Mind the Gap Day in April to garner more widespread attention about wage discrimination. At the event, participants could visit a “fortune teller” and see what the pay gap is in their aspiring careers, and make a button to take home that displays information about the pay gap. They had a quiz-style game about information. They also collaborated with the student LGBTQA group to give information about how the pay gap is affected for individuals in that community. Throughout the semester, interns maintained a collective blog about creating the presentation and planning the events.

University of Hawaii System: University of Hawaii Manoa and Windward Community College

Equal Pay Project
Through a multi-campus project, the University of Hawaii System team engaged students at an urban university campus (UH Manoa in Honolulu) and a rural campus (Windward Community College in Kaneohe) on the topic of the pay gap. The project raised awareness and provided tools to address the pay gap through $tart $mart workshops, Equal Pay Day tabling and distributing of t-shirts and other materials, a social media and traditional media campaign, and the teams were very successful at registering students as AAUW e-student affiliates. The team created a Facebook page and wrote an article for the campus newspaper.

Wright State University (Ohio)

Learn, Negotiate, Succeed: Educating to End the Wage Gap
The Wright State University team expanded the campus’s existing educational efforts about salary negotiation and ending the wage gap. Their project, “Learn, Negotiate, Succeed: Educating to End the Wage Gap,” engaged student volunteers to lend their ideas, time, energy, and networks to the project while gaining content knowledge and job skills for their résumés and personal/professional lives.