Ending Campus Sexual Assault Tool Kit

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Sexual assault disproportionately affects college women and impedes their ability to participate fully in campus life. Educational equity for women and girls requires fair, responsive, and fully developed campus sexual assault policies; knowledgeable administrators; and, ultimately, an end to sexual violence on campuses.

This tool kit serves the needs of faculty, staff, students, and advocates. Use these resources to raise awareness about campus sexual assault so that everyone can help make campuses safe for all students. You will find ideas for programming, get answers to frequently asked questions, learn about funding opportunities, and learn how to take action on campus. Everyone plays a role in ending sexual violence.

Use these tools to help end sexual violence on campus.

Take Action: 10 Ways to Fight Sexual Assault

The chance of a woman being sexually assaulted during college is about the same as her chance of catching the flu during an average year. Sexual assault has lasting effects on students. If this statistic troubles you, know that you can take action. Read more »

6 Ways Faculty and Staff Can Fight Sexual Violence on Campus

College faculty and staff play an important role in ending sexual violence on campus. Faculty and staff interact with students on a daily basis, can serve as confidants, and may witness important behavior changes. Read more »

Take the Pledge to Deliver New Title IX Resources to Your Local Schools

Deliver resources to Title IX coordinators at your local schools and help to ensure students’ access to an education free of sex-based discrimination, harassment, or violence. Read more »

Here’s Your Talking Points on Campus Sexual Assault

Have you ever been challenged while advocating against campus sexual assault? We put together responses to some common questions people ask about it so that next time you’re challenged, you’re ready! Read more »

4 Places to Get Funding for Your Next Anti-campus Sexual Assault Project

You’ve decided to host an event on your campus to help address campus sexual assault — but now you need funding to make your event possible. Finding the money to support campus programs or improve a campus climate can be challenging. Consider these options.



A young woman holds a sign reading "#meaningful #consent" in a protest

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault under Title IX

How can you ensure that your rights are protected on campus?

Finding Legal Help

Do you think your rights have been violated at work or school? Here are some legal resources that can help.

Children in classroom

Deliver New Title IX Resources to Your Local Schools

Help Title IX coordination carry out their work with these tools.