Volunteer Application for National Committees and Task Forces

Committee members will be appointed by the national board for a two-year term beginning July 1, 2019. Committee members may serve up to two consecutive terms on the same committee, with a third term being possible only if the member is appointed chair of the committee.

Applicants may apply for no more than two committees. The application must include two references with emails and phone numbers. Please ensure that the references are notified prior to submitting your application. Applicants will be notified of committee selection by July 15, 2019.

Applications open on Monday, April 1, 2019, at 12 p.m. noon ET and close at 6 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 08, 2019.

Committee and Task Force Update

In June 2018 the AAUW Board of Directors appointed a subcommittee to review and evaluate the effectiveness of AAUW’s committee structure and purpose. The subcommittee consulted AAUW’s bylaws, DC nonprofit code, current AAUW policy, nonprofit best practices and organizational and board needs during the review and analysis process. Additionally, the subcommittee considered a broad range of issues related to committees, including structure, terms, chairs, experience, and meeting and reporting requirements. Subsequent to comprehensive discussion, examination, and analysis, the subcommittee provided a revised committee structure for board consideration and approval in October 2018. The new structure will be effective July 1, 2019 and includes the 9 committees listed below. More information on AAUW’s committees and task forces, including charters for each committee and task force, can be found here.

The Advancement Committee is a new committee for AAUW. This committee merges the fundraising and membership functions, which are closely linked, and have been combined at the national office. The new Advancement Committee will advise the board and AAUW on fundraising strategy, membership, and new audience development. As a result, four committees (Branch Program Resources, Fundraising, Membership and the College/University Committee) will disband and their responsibilities will be folded into the Advancement Committee as of July 1.

The AAUW Governance Committee will assume responsibilities of the recruitment and application process for committee appointments.  The board-appointed Committee Appointments Task Force will disband on July 1, 2019.

Please note that applications are also being accepted for the Nominating Committee. In previous years, this was handled with a different process. However, with the change to staggered board terms, applications for the Nominating Committee will now be accepted annually during the traditional committee application process.

Committee 2019-2021 Composition, Vacancies, Time Commitment

  • Audit Committee: at least 3 members, 2 vacancies. Quarterly time commitment includes 6- 8 hours of conference calls; 16-20 hours of conference calls may be required during an RFP year (every four-five years).  The next RFP process is tentatively scheduled in 2021 or 2022.
  • Finance Committee: at least 5 members, 1 vacancy. Four to eight conference calls a year (usually on a weekday in the late afternoon) plus approximately four hours a month and additional assignments.
  • Governance Committee: 8-10 members, 3-5 vacancies. Monthly conference calls plus subcommittee work; an average of 2 hours per month; during April/May or the late spring timeframe for committee appointments hours may extend to 5-10 hours per month.
  • Investment Committee: at least 5 members, 2 vacancies.  Four to six conference calls a year plus approximately four hours a month.
  • Nominating Committee: 10 members, 10 vacancies. Two very busy time periods with occasional conference calls during the other months. November- January is the busiest period for the Nominating Committee. Depending upon the number of applicants for elected positions, evaluation of applications/resumes and phone interviews/reports can require 8-10 hours per month, including conference calls. March- April is the second period when applicants for appointed positions are evaluated and interviewed. The time required is generally 6-8 hours per month, including conference calls.
  • Advancement Committee: 12-15 members, 12-15 vacancies. Four conference calls per year to set goals and benchmarks as well as monitor progress. In addition, members must join at least one of the subcommittees which have conference calls approximately 6-10 times per year.
  • Inclusion & Equity Committee: at least 8 members, 8 vacancies. Committee holds 4-6 conference call meetings annually plus additional working group (subcommittee) committee calls as needed.
  • Legal Advocacy Committee: at least 11 members, 5 vacancies. Three to five conference calls a year with considerable amount of preparation before each call. Reviewing cases and requests for funding before each call takes approximately three-five hours, depending on the complexity of the cases.
  • Public Policy Committee: at least 10 members, 5 vacancies. Monthly committee calls as needed. Also required to spend time conducting state outreach, joining state public policy committee calls, and remaining up-to-date on AAUW public policy issues.

For position descriptions, estimated time commitments, and more information, please visit the main committee page