Communications Tool Kit for States and Branches

As a communications leader, it’s your job to use all the communication channels at your fingertips to advance AAUW’s work. A strong brand and effective communication can help you recruit new members and raise your branch’s visibility in your community. Whether you are focused on marketing your branch in print, managing social media or your branch website, or working with the media, the resources below will help you do your work.



Good marketing is a critical component of elevating your AAUW’s name in your community and recruiting potential members to your programs. Get started by establishing the brand you want for your branch and then making sure all your materials consistently adhere to that brand.

Social Media

Using social media is a great way to interact with members and potential members and to join the important dialogue on equity for women and girls.


As the webmaster, it’s your job to make sure your website is an easy-to-navigate space for potential members and community leaders to learn about your branch.

Lilly Ledbetter being interviewed by Alex Wagner on MSNBC’s Now with Alex Wagner on January 28.

Working with the Media

Garnering media attention for your branch is a great way to get the word out about your work in your community. Learn how to contact media and get your AAUW branch mentioned in your local newspaper, on your local TV network, or on the radio.

Archive Your Materials

As you create materials and get media coverage for your branch, make sure you keep copies for your branch archives! These can be helpful for continuing best practices as well as for future AAUW members to see all the powerful work your branch has done over the years.