AAUW C/U Chair Orientation Video


AAUW college and university (C/U) chairs, membership vice presidents, and other state and branch officers play a key role in making campus relationships successful. We can’t stress enough the importance of electing or appointing state or branch C/U chairs to grow your membership and engage college students.

But what happens after you have a great C/U chair in place? This video is a fantastic starting point to help C/U chairs know what opportunities are available to them.

Learn what’s new with C/U engagement and what resources are available to help you do your job better. This video covers the basics of where to find important contacts like C/U representatives and local AAUW student affiliates. It also includes best practices, C/U success stories, and useful resources like the Member Services Database.

Questions about the Member Services Database or C/U partnerships? E-mail connect@aauw.org.
Questions about AAUW campus leadership programs? E-mail leadership@aauw.org.



State and Branch College/University Chair Tool Kit

Use this tool kit to help AAUW recruit and retain C/U partner members and engage our campus community.

College/University Partner Membership

Check out the benefits of an AAUW C/U membership for students, faculty, and staff.


How to Engage Local Campuses: A Guide for Branches

Engaging your local AAUW college/university partners in branch activities leads to more diverse programming, growth, and community impact.