AAUW C/U Representative 101 Video


Are you an AAUW college or university (C/U) representative? This video will help you

Questions about your institution’s C/U partnership? E-mail connect@aauw.org.
Questions about AAUW campus leadership programs? E-mail leadership@aauw.org.


Three college students stand behind an AAUW logo banner on a grassy mall.

Campus Faculty and
Staff Tool Kit

Engage with AAUW on your campus and beyond.

U of L 2015

Shine as a C/U Representative

Whether your supervisor assigned you to this role or you volunteered, these steps will help get you started with AAUW.

Members of the AAUW student org at Lone Star College, North Harris, in Texas

Position Description: AAUW C/U Representative

Find out more about your role as an AAUW C/U rep.