Resources for International Affairs Leaders: Get Educated and Get Involved

Whether you’re a newly appointed international affairs leader at your branch or a seasoned member looking for new programming options, it is important to weave global issues into your branch activities. Why? Because AAUW is committed to securing equal access to education and improving the lives of women and girls around the world — and as part of our community, you can help make that happen.

Here’s how you can integrate global women’s issues into your branch programming.

All the issues that AAUW advocates for in your community — including education, human rights, equal pay, STEM careers, women’s leadership, ending violence against women, and more — are also issues for women all over the world. You can promote awareness about global women’s issues in many ways.

  • Meet an AAUW International Fellow. Invite a fellow to speak about her research or join a panel discussion at your branch or state event.
  • Host a film screening. Films can be a great way to educate your members about a particular topic. Film events are also easy to set up and can function as fundraisers for your branch! Use this guide to find films that can spark discussion at your next meeting.
  • Add a globally focused title to your book club. Most AAUW branches have active book clubs. Why not suggest a globally focused book to add to your list? Check out our ¡Adelante! list for suggestions.
  • Hold an event on a global issue. A panel, speaker, or discussion on a global topic such as human trafficking, girl’s education, human rights, or ending violence against women can engage and inform your membership. Looking for more ideas? AAUW of New York has developed a Program in a Box, Connecting with Afghan Women and Girls through Their Writing and Poetry, and it’s available online.
  • Remember to collaborate with local organizations when possible! We can’t change the world on our own, but we can make more progress when we all work together.

Learn more about AAUW’s other global work, including AAUW’s Special Consultative Status at the United Nations, our participation in the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, our support for women during critical global conflicts, and membership opportunities for colleges and universities outside of United States.


United Nations 57th Commission on the Status of Women

Spark Discussion and Action on Global Issues

Use documentary films and ready-made tool kits to raise awareness about human trafficking, girls’ education, or other global feminist issues.


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¡Adelante! Book of the Month Club

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