Plan Your Year with AAUW’s Events Calendar


A good calendar is key for successfully planning local activism, programming, and awareness events. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of important feminist holidays, historical anniversaries, and AAUW events happening year-round. AAUW branch members, AAUW student organization leaders, and Younger Women’s Task Force chapters are encouraged to use this resource to inspire meetings and plan ahead for events like Equal Pay Day!

Check the calendar frequently to receive the most updated information.

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How to Use a Google Calendar

What is it, exactly? Great question! Google Calendars are collaborative digital calendars. Anyone with a Google account who subscribes to the calendar can view the dates and appointments. Depending on the calendar, subscribers may also add their own events. AAUW has digital calendars tailored for different groups such as members and students.

What does subscribing allow me to do? As a subscriber to the AAUW Google calendar, you can view all upcoming events and stay in the know about everything relevant to the AAUW community. You can customize your settings to suit your needs — such as receiving alerts and reminders via email, on-screen pop-ups, or texts. It’s great for staying organized as a busy activist!Google Calendars are helpful resources for groups because they can be viewed widely. Any changes or alerts for an event is seen by everyone. No more worrying if you missed someone’s email to remind them about the event. You’ll be assured that every subscriber receives timely updates automatically.

Will this affect my other calendars? Nope! Subscribing to the AAUW Google calendar does not take the place of or remove any of your personal events in your own Google calendar — it simply integrates the AAUW Google calendar into whatever already exists.

Bonus! Google calendars are compatible with iCal for those of using Apple products, such as an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. You can integrate these two calendars on your device’s settings to get the AAUW Google calendar right on your home screen, without ever having to log in to your Google account!

How to Integrate the AAUW Calendar to Your Google Account: Step-By-Step

Ready to make the AAUW Google calendar a part of your Google life? Great, let’s get started.

  1. Start by clicking on the Google Calendar icon on the lower right corner on this page.
  2. If you’re not already logged in to your Google account, you’ll be prompted to do so. Be sure to log in to whichever Google account you want linked to the calendar. We recommend using an account associated with your AAUW branch if you’re the account holder.
  3. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be directed to this page.
  4. Click, “Yes, add this calendar” and voila! The AAUW Google calendar will be integrated with your Google calendar.
  5. Adjust the settings for the calendar (optional). Go to the upper right corner, where the Google “gear” icon appears, and click “Settings” in the drop-down menu. You should be directed to the “General” tab on calendar settings.

To adjust the particular settings of your AAUW Google calendar, such as how many notifications you receive, click on the “Calendars” tab on the upper left of the screen.

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Commemorative months

Significant historical dates

AAUW events and dates

Nationally recognized holidays

Significant birthdays

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