Download the Quick Facts from Solving the Equation

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Five years after AAUW asked “Why so few women in STEM?” the report Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing takes a closer look at the two STEM fields where the jobs are but women aren’t. The report discusses the state of women in engineering and computing, where women make up only 12 percent and 26 percent of the workforce. Stereotypes, biases, and unwelcoming environments still hold women back in these fields, but increasing the representation of women in engineering and computing is good for women and good for business.

This colorful, accessible fact sheet makes it easy to share some of the key themes of the report and spark discussion in your community. Download this one-page summary as a companion piece to the full report or as a conversation starter at an event.

Solving the Equation is made possible by these generous supporters: the National Science Foundation, Research on Gender in Science and Engineering award 1420214; AT&T; and the Mooneen Lecce Giving Circle

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