Graduating to a Pay Gap: Research In the News

Here are highlights from the media coverage of the AAUW research report Graduating to a Pay Gap: The Earnings of Women and Men One Year after College Graduation.

Gender Pay Gap Persists
USA Today
By Christine Dugas

Male-Female Pay Gap Persists and Starts Early, Study Finds
The Chronicle of Higher Education
By Caitlin Peterkin

Study Shows Evidence of Gender Pay Gap
By Athena Jones

The End of Men, Revisited
The New York Times
By Nancy Folbre

Dying Childless at Thirty? Won’t Help
Psychology Today
By Joan C. Williams

Why Our Brightest Female Graduates Are Still At a Disadvantage
The Washington Post
By Debora Spar

50 Years After the Equal Pay Act, Gender Wage Gap Endures
By Yuki Noguchi