Historical AAUW Awards

AAUW has a long legacy of honoring and celebrating outstanding women who make significant contributions in their professions, academic fields, and communities. The following is a list of awards that AAUW previously offered.

AAUW Recognition Award for Emerging Scholars

The award was established in 1972 (then known as the Recognition Award for Young Scholars) and was presented annually through 2007 to recognize the early professional achievement of a nontenured woman scholar.

Annie Jump Cannon Award in Astronomy

Presented in conjunction with the American Astronomical Society from 1974 to 2002, the award was given to a postdoctoral woman researcher who was pursing significant research in astronomy. The award was named for Annie Jump Cannon, the famous Harvard University astronomer.

AAUW Educational Foundation Founders Distinguished Senior Scholar Award

Established in 1996, the award honored a woman scholar for a lifetime of achievement in her community, in teaching, and in published scholarly work. This prestigious award was presented annually from 1997 to 2003.

AAUW Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships

Launched in 1989, the Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships provided enrichment opportunities for women public school teachers of K–12th grades. Designed to help teachers pursue study and research to improve their effectiveness in teaching science, technology, and math to girls, the program was established as part of a larger Eleanor Roosevelt Fund for Women and Girls initiative.

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