History of the Coretta Scott King Fund

In 1969, the former AAUW Educational Foundation launched the Coretta Scott King Fund, providing opportunities for black women to study African American history and culture, social change, and peace. The fund got its start a year earlier as a $150,000 fundraising campaign. For the next two years, it provided the opportunity for young women to study in three fields: the use of peaceful means to achieve constructive social change, the search for workable world peace, and African American history and culture. The Coretta Scott King Fund allowed 46 women to pursue King’s vision and became leaders in academia, business, the professions, the arts, and public service.

The following is a list of award recipients:

Alice Ann Benson
Cheryl R. Bliss
Cecile A. Brown
Gwendolyn Jewel Carey
Helen R. Cohn
Lila A. Coleburn
Tamara C.A. Dahn
Lisbeth A. Gant
Elizabeth Mary Gaston
Redenia Celestine Gilliam
Patricia Carolyn Gloster
Margaret G. Goodman
Gwendolyn Howard
Ruth LaVerne Inniss
Audrey D. Jackson
Carole J. Jackson
Marlene Lorraine Johnson
Edward Jean Knuckles
Marsha Diane Laws
Mary Agnes Leis
Portia Katrenia Maultsby
Ethel R. Mayo
Joyce L. McAdoo
Gladys C. Moore
Martha Eunice Morse
Maudene Nelson
Nell E. Painter
Merle A. Patterson
Carolyn Verann Pinson
Margaret G. Richards
Verna Lee Richardson
Sandra Diane Rouce-Hendrix
Sylvia Lee Shanks
Jacqueline O. Sheppard
Gertrude Jean Soso
Ann J. Taylor
Sandra Diane Wade
Futcher Mae Ward
Rosalyn J. Ward
Thelma Denise Washington
Pearlene Patricia Westbrook
Mae T. White
Regina Marie Wieman
Antoinette V. Wiggins
Ethel Marie Wolfskill