How to Disband an AAUW Affiliate

Losing local connections to AAUW is unfortunate. However, in recognition that AAUW affiliates (defined as branches or YWTF chapters) sometimes contemplate dissolution, addressing the appropriate actions to dissolve is important.

Here are the steps that must be taken to disband an AAUW affiliate.

  1. Notify the AAUW Membership Department. Any affiliate contemplating disbandment should notify the AAUW Membership Department ( of their intent. When the membership department staff becomes aware of the potential dissolution of an AAUW-affiliated entity, the staff — with the assistance of the membership committee as necessary — will determine the reasons for the potential dissolution, attempt to address any issues or problems that may be leading to the affiliate’s decision to dissolve, attempt to find acceptable alternatives, and investigate and undertake all actions necessary to protect member and donor intent and assets.
  2. Vote on disbandment among members of the affiliate. If it is determined that dissolution is the only acceptable alternative, the affiliate will be advised that it must gain consensus of its membership before the dissolution process can be formally initiated. The dissolution must be approved at a properly noticed meeting of the affiliate’s members in which a quorum of affiliate members are present and voting. The number of members that constitute a quorum is determined by the affiliate’s bylaws and/or the state bylaws. For the disbandment motion to pass, it must be supported by a vote equal to or greater than a majority of the votes cast. Notice and voting requirements must comply with the affiliate’s bylaws and the laws of the jurisdiction of the affiliate.
  3. Submit paperwork. If the members approve the dissolution, the designated representative of the AAUW affiliate will submit an Affiliate Disbandment Form to the membership department ( The affiliate will also submit the final financial statement, a copy of the minutes from the meeting when the vote took place, and a record of the vote to the membership department.
  4. Board of Directors reviews request for dissolution. After receiving the paperwork, the membership department will review the documents and send a recommendation to the AAUW Board of Directors regarding approval or denial of the dissolution request.

Notification is given. After the board votes, the membership department will notify the AAUW affiliate’s designated representative and the state of the board’s decision regarding the proposed dissolution. The affiliate should submit notice of the board-approved dissolution to the Internal Revenue Service and any state agencies requiring such notice. AAUW submits such notice for affiliates participating in AAUW’s group exemption.